~ Mangalyaan Status: India Successfully Placed MOM To Mars Transfer Trajectory

A big day for ISRO scientists , Indians and all human beings. India has demonstrated capability of interplanetary space mission. Just few minutes ago, ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), Mangalyaan,  is successfully placed to Mars Transfer Trajectory, now MOM is completely out of Earth’s gravitational field and moving towards Mars (see photo). MOM will reach Mars orbit in September 2014.  

India adopted very innovative approach to attain required velocity (in absence of powerful rocket) to take MOM away from Earth’s gravitational field by revolving it elliptically for about 6 times and then self-propel MOM towards Mars!! This was a complex step in the mission, but ISRO team have successfully proved their calibre.

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Congratulations to ISRO Team of engineers and scientists for yet another milestone in their success. Also placing India into small elite group of countries to go beyond earth’s gravitational field! Thank you for making all of us proud! 🙂

  • For official updates on Mangalyaan visit ISRO page : “isro.org/mars/updates.aspx”
  • Read Times of India for more latest updates- HERE

Graphic: Current status of MOM (Photo Via ISRO – India)


Mangalyaan’s ( MOM) latest status out of Earth’s Gravitational field Photo: ISRO -India


India’s Mangalyaan (MOM) Satellite Photo: ISRO -India


5th Nov 2013: India’s PSLV C25 Rocket launching Mangalyaan towards Mars Orbit Photo: ISRO-India

Note: Picture is shared for information and education purpose only. All credit goes to ISRO, Government of India for sharing this information. Thank you ISRO team for sharing  knowledge.

Image source: ISRO India (facebook.com/isromom)

Sources: ISRO , Government of India, Times of india news, ISRO website, Wikipedia  and all other links in the post.


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