~ True meaning of Success…

Sadhguru here discussing great insights on being successful..”Success is only when you are able to use yourself to your full potential…Don’t try to put recipe for your success…What you also need is right Perception & Active Intelligence! Important thing is to enhance your perception; if you are able to see life just the way it is without distortion…you have necessary intelligence to conduct it well. But, if you can’t see life as it is, your intelligence will work against you!”

Sadhguru is a famous Yogi, Mystic visionary, humanitarian and founder of ISHA foundation. More @ official Facebook page

He further discussed, only way to success is to see how to make this (body/life) into full fledged being. Body/Life will find its expressions…People will think about your success, you shouldn’t think how to be successful! So, live your life with full potential…

Whatever may be your Profession (Doctor, Engineer, Businessman, Yogi, etc ),it doesn’t matter. Life is to Play, Play it well, if you’ve played it well people will say you are successful.

Don’t ever think I want to be successful. Today, idea of success is to sit everyone’s head/at top…which is wrong…this is sickness!

Watch :  What decides Success by Sadhguru ( Via ISHA foundation)

Question:  If you want to succeed in our life which will play a major role Guruji – Faith, God, Effort or Luck?

Sadhguru:  You may require all , but in different  proportion.. Also, about Faith, God and Luck you can’t do anything. It’s not in your hand. So, only thing in your hand is Effort! Put 100% in your efforts, whatever happens, will happen! So, don’t waste proportion s of your energy and Capability into Faith, God & Luck, etc. …that’s not your business. Your business is to concentrate on Efforts! So just do it!


Sadhguru answering questions from people

But, remember Efforts should be Focused and Calibrated properly. Just labour is not going to get you somewhere…Right kind of action, right time, Right Place al this is important.

For all this things to happen, you need Perception and Active Intelligence. Try to enhance these 2 things, rest will anyway happen..

This is unfortunately we are not doing. We are just trying to be capable to do something!

Don’t try to be capable of doing something, just enhance your Perception and Active Intelligence.


Sadhguru, founder of ISHA foundation

image credit: Screen shoot from clip (Via ISHA foundation)

Sources: Sadhguru talks, ISHA foundation, India, Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, Google search, and other links in the post.


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