~ New Supercomputer based on Vedic concept of ‘Brahmanda’

New supercomputer is being developed; concept is based on ancient Hindu Vedic belief of Brahmanda (world constructed by one’s mind around itself through Imaginations). Sanskrit mantra “अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि तत्वमसि (Aham Brahmasmi Tatvamasi)” means ‘I  am Brahma (Divine); You are too’,  provides basis for this ancient core Hinduism insights.

Mr. Henry Markram in following TED talk has called one’s own Brahmanda as each Brain’s inner “Perceptual Bubble” in English. Professor mentioned that this was a known old concept and his team is trying to develop new supercomputer based on this ancient concept (see clip below). Not sure whether he knows about Vedic  Brahmanda concept. But, final outcome of the project will prove  this concept in Hindu Vedic wisdom scientifically!


New supercomputer idea similar to Hindu Vedic concept of Brahmanda

Only Humans have such developed brain among all species. Each Human live in its own “Brahmanda” (imaginary world by our brain).  What we see, imagine is all depends on our Brain/Mind which ultimately forms our own Brahmanda! World has about 7 billion (700 crore) population, so many Brahmandas!

It’s our collective responsibility to mutually respect each other’s “Brahmanda”. This reflects in Hindu way of Greeting to each other with “Namaste” which means – Divine within me salute to Divine inside you (your Brahmnada) and other person reply it saying Namaste ( I also respect your Brahmanda/Divinity).

Hinduism is different than other faiths/religions which encourages External Authority/ Outer Control/ Commandment, whereas Hinduism teaches Self-control, Internal authority i.e. first gain control on your “Mind” and then Mind will control all your desires/actions/Vasanas /Life.

You can also find siilar teaching in Hindu Bhagvad Gita scripture, which has described the basic rule of living a happy life is to allow Mind to take control of all sensors of body which creates Vasanas / Desires / Fantasies / Delusion!

Understand deep meaning of Sanskrit words about Brahmanda:

Sanskrit   Word

English   Meaning




    Mind ( For   imagination)


    Person who can Imagine   is Brahma

  Brah+ Mana = Brahmana

    Person who has   expanded his mind



  Brahma +  anda =      Brahmanda

    Egg of Brahma ( one   who can imagine). Literally means “World constructed around Brahma through   Imagination is  called Brahmanda”

 Concept of Brahmana:

This is why  Hinduism encourages each human being to become Brahmana – One who has expanded his Mind/Imaginations and who includes all (Human/Plant/Animal/Nature/Universe). Many misinterpreted Brahmana as a caste or group or class or someone who is born to certain family. Good to see ultimate truth in vedic wisdom is now revealing through many publications and talks by many Gurus.  Overall, Brahmana is a certain disciplined lifestyle for living a Happy & Peaceful life.

New supercomputer and similarity with Brahmanda Concept:

Prof Henry Markram in TED talk discussed about human and future supercomputer, also the possibility of artificial Human mind or a super duper computer that we human would be able to develop in lab.

He further said this was a debate of philosophy since centuries, but first time they are trying to address this using Brain simulation and ask very fundamental question whether this theory be possibly true.

For Example, the reason why moon is huge on the horizon is simply because our perceptual bubble does not stretch out 380000 kms. It runs out of space. So, what we do, we compare the buildings with our inner perception bubble and we make a decision that is that big.

Decisions in mind are key that supports our perceptual bubble. Same thing is used to confuse our mind with many noises to take decisions during Anaesthesia as prof further added.

How the Brain works (similar insights as Brahmanda theory):

Professor and team are working on one theory how the brain works. This theory is “ Brain creates and builds a version of the Universe ,also, projects this version of the universe like a bubble all around us!”

So, here he used term “Brain-Bubble “ or “inner Perception bubble”  instead of “Brahmanda” i.e. Mind-Egg or Imagination  as in Hindu scriptures -Vedas.

Scientists are working on a detail realistic computer model of the human brain. Why they are doing this?

  1. To Understand human brain, a key step in evolution

  2. Cannot keep doing animal experimentation forever

  3. To help patients with mental disorder by using these mind computer model

Now, watch short TED talk on new supercomputer experiments which resembles vedic Brahmanda theory.

Watch Henry Markram: A brain in a supercomputer (Via TED)

Image source: Globindian Blog

Sources: TED Talks, Prof Henry Markram Ted talk, google search, Dr. Devdutta Pattanik talks for definitions on Brahmanda, Wikipedia, YouTube, and all other links in the post.


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