~ Hinduism Basics : Difficult Questions, Simplified Answers…

Ms. Gauri Maheshwari ( formerly  Danielle Riordan) , an American lady, is answering questions from her friends about Hinduism. Nice simplified answers  to all  fundamental & difficult questions about Hindu life in Westerner’s point of view  viz. Gods in Hinduism, Sacred Texts, Meaning of Life & Death, Concept of hell & Heaven how it is different than other religions, Basic Rituals, Scriptures, Beliefs, Pooja/Worship, Lifestyle, purpose of Life, Spirituality, How to become Hindu, etc. (Watch clip below)

Hats off!! Even some Hindus might not know some of the deep meanings she is discussing here! Good job 🙂

In her talks, she frequently utter a word “Brhamana”, its a big misconception about Hinduism as this is a caste or group of people or it is decided by birth in certain family, etc,  all are false propaganda! Anyone can attain the stage of Brahmana if he/she wishes to do so.

See great personalities in the history of India who were not born in Brahmin family but became great Brahman / Rishi / Sage / Spiritual Guru, shows why Brahmana is not a caste but ultimate stage of life :

(1) Great Sage Valmiki: One who wrote famous Hindu scripture Ramayana (an autobiography of  Lord Rama, a Vishnu Avatar ), was a tribal man living in jungle, a dacoit who used to rob people for money/food. Later he realized his mistakes and decided to devote his life for good of society , a spiritual way or becoming Brahmana.

(2) Great Sage/Rishi Vyasa : He was born to daughter of fisherman Satyavati raised by Fisherman community. But later through his wisdom and spirituality he became great Sage , wrote great Hindu scripture Mahabharata (autobiography on Lord Krishna’s life ). Also contributed Hinduism by inventing Vedic (Hindu) Astrological charts , Studies in Astronomy, Cloning/ Test Tube baby / Artificial womb techniques to give birth to 100 Kauravas prices in Mahabharata era, Chaturanga Game- what we now call Chess board game to help human mind to plan future strategies / actions   in life.

(3)  Great Rishi Vishwamitra: He was born in King’s family (Kshatriya) but later gave up kingdom and became a great Sage by devoting his whole life praying / Dyana Yoga / Being Guru/Teacher to new generations such as Lord Rama & his brother Lakshamana. There are many such examples.

Hinduism encourages all souls to become Brahmana ( one who has expanded his Mind & includes all as a part of his Life i.e human, plant, animals, nature, universe).

Brahmana is an ultimate stage in life where you think of others first than to yourself. When your soul has attended highest Spirit (became spiritual) or Purity and has expanded his/her horizon, made his/her mind still to include all in the universe around by acquiring great wisdom/knowledge and heart filled with love , compassion , respect , caring for all others – like a yogi or saint or great Guru.

Read my post on : What is Brahmana, Concept of Brahmanda (world around each Brain/Mind) and other simplified definations in Hindu Vedic Wisdom.

Watch : Basics of Hinduism by Ms. Gauri Maheshwari

Image source: Interview of Gauri Maheswari at youtube

Sources: Ms. Gauri Maheswari’s interviews, YouTube user Karna digital media, Wikipedia, Globindian blog posts, google search and all other links mentioned int he post.

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