~ Scientific Evidences of Hindu Vedic Knowledge

Watch Scientific evidences of Vedic Knowledge provided in Hindu Vedas & Upanishads scriptures which were till now deliberately labeled as just ‘myths’ or ‘philosophical’ texts by western scholars!

This ancient Vedic knowledge is highly relevant even today.

Also, all recent Archeological finds doesn’t support Aryan ( from Europe/Middle east) Invasion to India some 4000 years ago as reported by many western scholars!

See in clip how misconceptions about Aryan Invasion (Indus Civilization) was deliberately planted in History books by western scholars before invading India so that Indians will feel inferior about their identity/culture & allow westerns to take control again!

It is now clear from various literature & scientific experiments (genetics) that western self-proclaimed  Aryan-Dravidian theory is totally wrong and purely a brainwash tactics by many western historians & so called scholars!

Many recent discoveries and archeological findings proving proofs about existence of advanced & well-planned Hindu Cities in India much before the wrong propaganda of “Aryan invasion” from Europe/Middle East about 4000-4500 years back.

There was great practice among Ancient Hindus (Sanatan Dharma) to document all major happenings (good/bad) in their era and pass the knowledge to next generation. But there is no reference of Aryan invasion from Europe/West in the history.

Also, in west/Europe/Middle east there are no sign of archeological sites which are similar to Hindu(Sanatan Dharma) like civilization by so called “Aryans of Europe/Middle east” before 4500 years!!

Information/Skills/Knowledge used to spread very slowly from one place or from one generation to other in ancient era say about 4500 years ago (during misconception of Aryan invasion). Thus, alrady existing advanced well-planned Hindu Cities at Mohanjodado, Harappa & dholavira must have been build after gaining such knowledge over at least 3000-4000 years back from that date!

This date automatically confirms Ancient Hindu (Sanatan dharma) Sanskrit text of lord Rama ( King of Aodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India) & Ravana’s ( King of Sri-lanka) existence about 7128 years from now (see clip below). Also, confirmation of Vedas and Upanishads were written before this era so technically about 8000 -10000 years back exactly as per Hindu Sanskrit Scriptures!

Hindu (Sanatan Dharma) civilization was present in Indian subcontinent way beyond 4500 years and was existing since over 10000 years as documented in many ancient Hindu Sanskrit scriptures.

As motioned in clip description, the current advanced techniques are used to show this agreement, which includes:

  • – Marine Archaeology of underwater sites (such as Dvaraka)
  • – Satellite imagery of the Indus
  • – Sarasvata River system
  • – Carbon and Thermoluminiscence Dating of archaeological artifacts
  • – Scientific Verification of Scriptural statements
  • – Linguistic analysis of scripts found on archaeological artifacts
  • – A Study of cultural continuity in all these categories.

Watch clip for Scientific evidences of Hindu Vedic Knowledge

Some other proofs of false Aryan (Indus civilization) theory:

Birth of lord Rama 7128 yers ago -on 10 Jan 5114 BCE at 12:30 pm mentioned in “historical Rama” book by Mr. D.K Hari & Mrs Hema Hari, via Bharatgyan link here

Declaimer: Research also suggests Lord Rama’s birth was way before 7128 years, actually it was about 1 million years ago. This only reflects long history of India even millions of years back not just 4500 years as mentioned in Aryan invasion theory by western scholars!

Proof of Ram- Setu ( Human made bridge between India and Sri-lanka by Rama’s Men)

Discovery of Lord Krishna’s city of  Dwaraka ( Lord Krishna’s capital on west coast of India around 4600 years from now)

Recent discovery of many 4500-5000 years old  Hindu Cities including  Dholavira in Gujarat, India

Photo credit: Screen shot from above first clip

Sources: “devavision.org” website, You tube user ‘videopostman’ & ‘liketobemad’, google search, youtube, and alllink smentioned in the post.


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