~ Tattoo: A permanent Scar on beautiful natural body in particular fashion!

Nature has given us so beautiful & healthy body…why to destroy it with permanent Scars a.k.a. Tattoos?

Think about following points below before you tattoo your body! 

Think before you Tattoo:

Answer: Have you got so bore with your body that you need to have Scars on it?

 Peer Pressure: Tattoo is just “Peer” pressure thing! Others are doing doesn’t mean you should do the same…hold your excitement & think….

Temporary Fashion: This is just a current fashion, it won’t last in future

Its a Scar:  Tattoo is permanent “SCAR” on your nature gifted  beautiful body

 Apply Wisdom: Its our own responsibility to keep or body health and good inside and outside

Body Change: Body structure changes with time, you may be fat or thin…the tattoo on your arm/legs with shrink/stretch in future…which may look ugly!

Its complicated: Boy friend / Girl friend may not be permanent but Tattoos are permanent mark!

Think long term: Tattoos looks ugly when body gets old & when wrinkle starts growing post 60-65 yrs

Apply some logic: first we spend on Tattoos..then we restructure it if goes wrong…or spend on laser techniques to remove it (with scar permanent on body)…why so much of wastage of Money, Time, Energy, Mental Peace, Skin, Beauty?? For what??

Worst Tattoos: What if Tattoo got wrong spelling or gone worst beyond your expectation? It can’t be revert back. You’ll have to live with that mistake for whole life!! (see clip)

Self-destruction mode: Don’t you think it’s like a self-destruction of your beauty/body?

 Finally, just search “Worst Tattoos” @ Youtube (See search link HERE)

THINK , you are enough wise to take your decision !!

 The Ellen Show: These tattoos need Spell-check

See Worst Tattoos ever list ( Via youtube users)

Photo credit: Screen shot from above clip (Ellen show)

Sources: Youtube clips from different users , Ellen show clip, google search and all links mentioned in the post.


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