~ Hindu History of Ancient Russia and Europe (Greece/Italy)

Latest archeological findings shows that Europe (Italy, Vatican City / Greece), especially Eastern part, and Russia regions were following Hinduism ( Sanatan Dharma) till about 2nd -3rd century AD (evidences found were between 200 BCE to 3 AD).

Archaeologist suspects; Hindu history evidences might have deliberately removed due to influence of other faith(s) in those regions during start of century, AD or CE.

This again proves Aryan ( European/Gulf) Invasion of India ( Indus civilization) about 4500 years back completely false and purposely planted by western Historians/Scholars to omit Hindu history of west.

Archeological evidences shows its opposite way, East Europe, Parts of Gulf & Russia regions were under influence of Sanatan Dharma ( Hinduism) in past!

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In fact, many recent findings shows Hindu cities were spread across Saraswati & Indus river on Western part of India along with other Hindu colonies deep inside India till far south srilanka/bali island, north-Himalaya/Laddakh, East- Cambodia/Vietnam/Myanmar/Thailand regions.

Findings  revealed the resemblances of  Greek God’s stories , character and appearances similar to Hindu Gods. Even after adopting new faith(s); people in that regions might have carried same beliefs/stories/concepts of God.

See pictures & evidences of Hindu History @ Europe ( Italy, Greece, Vatican city)  & Russia regions

More on Hinduism history  & other interesting facts, visit

Photo credit and information collected from “booksfact.com/religions”

Sources: Booksfact website, Google search, and all other link sin the post.


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