~ Science Behind Yajna / Yagna ( Fire Ritual)

YAJNA / YAGYA / HOMA / HAVAN, a powerful Hindu Vedic fire ritual  combines 2 energy systems- Fire & Sound (through Sanskrit Mantra chanting), to get Physiological, Psychological, Environmental & Spiritual healing benefits (See post for information, photos, clip & Slideshow). “Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you” says Dr. Madhukar Gaikwad on Yajna Process.

For details, read my post on : “What is Yajna”

 Understand Science Behind Effective Yajna Ritual:

What is Yajna? See how it helps us

Some selected slides are used above. See full interesting Slideshow from monika Mehan on ” Science of Yajna” having Hindi & English Mix slides.

Photo credits: Screenshots from Monika Mehan’s slideshows@”slideshare.net/monikamehan/the-science-of-
yajnas” and links mentioned in the photos

Sources: Monika Mehan’s slideshare, Youtube clip , google search, and all links mentioned in the post & slides.


3 thoughts on “~ Science Behind Yajna / Yagna ( Fire Ritual)

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  2. Many things in Hinduism I do not understand. Specially the ritual part. I think mostly it is very subtle and not related to material success and pleasure. Although we perform rituals to attain material goal. I think one must mediate deep and hard to understand significance of Vedic rituals and ideas.

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    • Vedic Rituals are action part of wisdom in Vedas….customized to suit all…It has Spiritual, Scientific and Philiosphical meanings…But unfortunately, post Abrahmic invastions say 13th century onwards…due to confusion some superstitions are also injected….Time to understand and accept original practices of Vedas and rejecting supersition or confused part…

      Check – indian culture section, ancient roots and meanings


      cya keep posted…


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