~ Varna is not Caste : Fixing Misconceptions About Hinduism

Following 5 interesting & insightful clips will clear all doubts.  H.H.Swami Chinmayananda is explaining Varna system in his typical style. Watch great Vedic Wisdom and fix the misconceptions about Varna (mislead as  Caste) systems that were deliberately planted by European Imperialism /Invasion / Exploitation of other country’s natural resources – wealth in free / ‘One World Order’ kind of mindset post 14-15th century to malign Hinduism & great Indian Civilization.

Varna system is developed by people to help individuals to find job as per their caliber and  to avoid shortage of skilled manpower in society, a social phenomenon,  it has nothing to do with Hindu Religion Hierarchy or Order or Teachings. There was absolutely no bonding whether you believe such system or not, it was individual choice.

  • Varna/Jati (by Guna + Karma) – based on Inner/Inherent qualities that individual has + what Karma/Action he performs in life
  • Caste/Race (By Birth) – based on taking birth in particular family or community or region

Ancient Varna system was just like today’s Human Resource Department (HRD) test/report that we get during job interview where HR executives find out our interpersonal skills/hidden ability of candidate to fit him/her to right profile, which will help both organization and individual in long run!!

Varna (inherent human qualities ) system was like a Career Counseling Tool for helping someone to understand his/her hidden interpersonal skills (irrespective of his birth or family) so that he/she will choose right career (purpose of life) and do Karma accordingly in order to be highly successful in society. Thus, building prosperous society/nation with all kinds of skillful people and no shortage of happy & peaceful manpower in any sector. 

Ancient Rishis / Scholars / Social Scientists at that time have analyzed patters of inherent human qualities which they later categorized in 4 parts. One can have one or more qualities and can use it for better future and ultimately to create better society.

Varna is not Caste sytem! Beautiful explanation by Mr Lakhani (watch after 6:42 min)

 Varna System explained by a guru in Hindi

4 types of human were identified, which we can find in today’s worldwide societies, as per their inherent/by birth qualities or ‘Gunas’ are :

  • ‘Sharir’ / Body Centric Individuals (Sudras),    
  •  ‘Mana’ / Emotion Centric Individuals (Vaishyas),  
  •  ‘Aatma’ / Soul Centric Individuals (Kshatriyas),
  • ‘Brahmanda’ / Free from all above , Cosmos or Universal Centric Individuals (Brahmana)

Watch how ‘Caste’, ‘Dravidian’  & ‘Dalit’ theory planted in India by West (typical Divide & Rule strategy)

Short clip (in Hindi) from Play where Chandragupta Maurya (founder of great Maurya Empire in India 340 BCE onwards) was opposed to become a future king. Chanakya and other Rishis/Scholars then explaining society and trying to convince people.

Varna is inherent quality and Karma based system we differentiate even in today’s world (as per college degrees and skills) and observed in any other civilization. It is not on the basis of your birth in particular family. You can choose any field as per you passion, skills and caliber.

Read my previous post to understand Varna system: Comparing Careers during ancient Indian Varna System and in today’s world  (see chart below)

karma system

 This collection of information will help to remove misconceptions/doubts about Hinduism and Indians that were deliberately propagated by west since long.

Image source: Screenshot from Swamiji’s clip

Sources: Swami Chinmayananda talks, Mr Lakhani @ USA, youtube users uploads , google search, and all links mentioned in the post.


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