~ Spiritual Humanism!

Guaranteed Enlightenment in one shot!!.. Some clips are must watch at least once in life…this is one of them (especially after 9:30 min)!

Ms. Lilou Mace interviewing Prof Jay Lakhani, eminent Indo-British Scholar, TED fellow, Theoretical Physicist, Successful Author, Thinker and great Speaker. Founder of Hindu Academy in Britain (hinduacademy.org) and Education Director for the Hindu Council UK.

Prof Lakahni differentiated Humanism as Material & Spiritual Humanism, further described it:

Spiritual Humanism (Enlightenment) = Exploring together Science + Spirituality + Humanism (Life)

In Hinduism, Science and Spirituality goes hand-in-hand, Prof Lakahni is explaining how.

Finally a beautiful quote from Prof Jay Lakhani – 

“Humanity (Life) is Spiritual being on Material journey”

More about Prof. Jay Lakhani:

Photo credit: Screen shot from clip

Sources: Lilou Mace clip on the Juicy Living Tour (liloumace.com), Prof Jay Lakhani Talks, Google search, Youtube, Hindu Academy UK (hinduacademy.org), Facebook and all links mentioned in the post.


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