Finally West accepted ‘Yoga is Science’!!

“YOG” (correct Sanskrit word not Yoga!) was invented by Hindu Scientists (Rishis) & being practiced since over 6000 years by all Sanatanis (Hindus/Buddhist/Jainism people) in Bharat (India) as  Scientific tool for Mind,Body, Health,Wellness & Longevity.

See my other posts how YOG is integral part of Hinduism:

Westerners which criticized Hinduism & Yog heavily (still there are misconceptions & ignorance) as “satanic”, “False Religion/Practice”,”Demonic” , “Non-Scientific”,etc..suddenly after 6000 years accepted Yog as Science (why so late?); which ultimately proves point (for those who always waits for Western approval to anything) how “Science + Religious practices” goes hand-in-hand in Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism/Buddhism/Jainism).

Indians knew YOG is a science and is well documented in Hindu Scriptures in Sanskrit and other Indian languages. It is only in last few decades, westerners suddenly started copying & practicing Hinduism rituals (some may claim copyrights & patents later to such stolen knowledge!).

Its now a fashion to visit India, stay in yoga ashram for few weeks, go back , declare self a Yogi/Yoga expert, etc to open some random yoga studio in western town!! Also, it is a big business estimated in billions of dollars (Bingo!) & govt. gets heavy taxes by allowing people to just Breath & Bend at morning to some high paid Yoga studio! 

Similarly, Ayurved (Ancient Hindu herbal medicine) is a scientific tool to keep body healthy & free from future diseases. See my other posts on Ayurveda here:

Only problem here is;  west which is so aggressive about their Patent/Copyrights issue, should also give credit to Hindu scripture or Yogi properly. There are various Hindu scriptures available now in English. They also deserve similar credits and basic rights about their invention long back.  Tell your audience  who invented this Aasana of yoga & other information , from where they picked the idea , from where they copied the knowledge ,  from which Guru/Ayurveda doctor in India, etc.

Watch following clip from doctors proving how YOG is helping their patients – clip titled “Science of Yoga- Scientific results of Yoga for Heath and Well-being”. Here they’ve proved benefits of Yoga Aasana by using available scientific tools & machines today!

Imagine the intelligence of those Hindu Rishis & Yogis who invented YOG 6000 years back when there were no tools which are available today. This is a power of ancient Hindu scientific tools such as Saadhana , Meditation, Inner science – Getting knowledge directly from Cosmos as they say, Cognitive science & consciousness methods, personal experience, cross checking the invention using actual experiments, etc.

NIH-US : Science of Yoga

Photo credit:NCCAMgov user for above clip on youtube

Sources: Google search, Youtube, NCCAMgov user on youtube , and all other links in the post.

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