The Hinglish Project: Unique way to learn Hindi faster!

Incredible India’s innovative “The Hinglish Project”  (see clip) helping foreigners visiting India to learn basic Hindi using unique font design to know phonetic sound of a Hindi character by looking at the corresponding Roman letter superimposed on it!!

In short, overlapping exact English word on Hindi character which has similar pronunciation!

Similarly, you can learn other Indian languages…

Hope same technique will soon be used in learning other Indian languages…will also help Indians to learn other regional languages faster!

Explore more about the project & download font:

Isn’t it Cool?? Learn Hindi or Indian languages in simple way…It will also help you to watch more Indian movies, TV dramas, Songs,… an ocean of entertainment!! Enjoy!! 🙂 🙂

Watch interesting demo – the Hinglish Project

See some of Hinglish fonts:

Hinglish ABCD

Phtoto credit: the hinglishproject facebook page

Sources: youtube, google search, thehinglishproject website, incredible india project, facebook , twitter, and all the links mentioned in the post.


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