~ Greedy Companies are Transforming “Food into Addiction” costing our Health: Switch to Self Made Home-Cooked Food

Eye opener…Alarming…Speechless!! See how some greedy Food/Pharma companies worldwide are transforming “FOOD INTO ADDICTION” for more Profit, making us UNHEALTHY-FAT-OBESE-DIABETIC!! Beware of misleading SUGAR,SALT,OIL & FAT composition  in food..better eat your own home cooked food than outside meals/snacks.

Watch 3 part series below, a thorough investigation by Jacques Perettii (BBC and ABC news) in documentary “The Men Who Made Us Fat” to understand  “CLOSE DOOR HIDDEN NEXUS”  between various multidisciplinary business players – Food, Pharma, Doctors, Social networking tracking, User mobile data , human psychology , advertising, marketing, propaganda, Social intellectuals,etc for making Money & Profit at the cost of human health!!

Any Solution??

  • First step for Indians- please switch back to VEDIC discipline lifestyles

  • – Follow VEDIC health triangle of “YOG-AYURVED-ADHYATMA (Meditation)” to keep your mind-body relax and alert all your sensors to resist all such future food advertisements/bombardments/propaganda/peer pressure by companies or others

  • -Cook your own food at home and make habit of carrying tiffin-box  to office/schools. You know what you are adding and how much quantity in your meal, so its healthy for you

  • -Eat only 85-90 % of you meal capacity, drink more water

  • -Eat in short intervals rather than taking 2-3 full meals

  • -Sleep early (~ before 11pm) wake up early (not more than 6:30 Am)

  • – Make sure you walk/run 2-3 Km daily (workout sweating is good!)

  • – Avoid outside food and appetite to eat more

  • – Share your knowledge and information regarding healthy lifestyle to others…you are helping one more to stay healthy for long

  • – Help Obese/Fat/Diabetic/Heart disease prone-people to deal with their problems. They need your attention, love and care

  • – Spread awareness in your family and around to make a Healthy-Happy-Fit society/nation/world

Part 1/3: The Men Who Made Us Fat

Part 2/3 : The Men Who Made Us Fat

Part 3/3:: The Men Who Made Us Fat


Photo credit: Youtube clip by user Patrick Oort

Sources: Youtube, user Patrick Oort, BBC, ABC, google search ,an all links mentioned in the post.


3 thoughts on “~ Greedy Companies are Transforming “Food into Addiction” costing our Health: Switch to Self Made Home-Cooked Food

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