~ Capitalism & Layoff: Even Richest guy in the World couldn’t stop Job Cuts!

Report suggests layoff is inevitable to move “Faster” and “Efficiently” for “BETTER” future!!(see clip)..Can somebody please explain new definition of “BETTER” in Globalization?? Need to redefine it!..

“Better” world, “Better” civilization, “Better” Human Rights,” Better” Climate policies, “Better” society, “Better” Culture,” Better” future for whom?? and at the cost of whom??

Seems even after 6 years of recession in West (2008-2014);still so called high paid B-school “Experts”, “Thinkers” and “Intellectuals” are confused and don’t have clue how to come back on track…ooops!!

Do India need such economic model for future where even Richest guy can’t save few jobs in his own company?? Whether recession or boom, rich tycoons always enjoy  “BETTER” life!!…then why “BETTER” life of common man (becomes BITTER) is always at risk in Capitalism??

India don’t need this Capitalism-Layoff  “See-Saw” business model!

After collapse of Socialism & Communism model followed by 2008 Capitalism doom in west,it raises serious question:Do India & Desi companies need this capitalistic See-Saw model? Answer lies in our history (Bharat not India),how our great ancestors built Shrestha & Shaktishali Bharat from scrap.

 Suggestion to Indian Economic Policy Makers:

Culturally, Historically, Geographically, Aspiration & Belief system wise Indians are very different from West or East.

Hope Indian Policy makers & Businessmen won’t blindly follow Western Capitalism model (as we copied some social policies & business culture blindly) for 1.25 billion diverse & dynamic Indians and their future.

Else there will be similar type of Boom n Doom of Indian economy every 5 years! (e.g. US & Europe’s up-down economic history). Also, only handful of people and organizations will have control over all economy (1% controls remaining 99%).

One sincere and important advice to them, kindly clearly understand first “who we are” i.e. “Bharat” & “Bharatiya”, our aspirations for future and then plan “customized” economic policy according to current and future situations.

Learn from Indian history of Raja SriRam, SriKrishna & King Yodhistir, Guru Chanakya & King Chandragupta , King Shivaji, etc how they started from scrap and successfully implemented customized economic policies and made Bharat prosperous, peaceful, powerful & happy in their era.

May it be our new policy called “Bharatiya-Socio-Capitalism” Or Indian Economic model which is more Inclusive, Sustainable (Environment friendly too) and full of Open Architecture structure (like Sanatan Dharma a.k.a. Hinduism as west calls it) for future generations.  

Make Indian businessmen responsible for social welfare (again don’t blindly adopt concept of Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR , NGOs & tax benefit nexus!) inside and around their company/factory by building schools, roads, water, girl child education and cultural engagement…to some extent policies similar to what TATA’s are doing it since last 100 years, this and much more as per the outcome of understanding (who we are )Bharat & Bhartiya properly.

 Reuters news on 18000 job cuts

pink-slip-job-cutPhoto credit: Businessinsider & Blogspot Bloggerprasannaprao Sources: Reuters youtube clip, google search, and all other links mentioned in the post.


2 thoughts on “~ Capitalism & Layoff: Even Richest guy in the World couldn’t stop Job Cuts!

    • You could find crux in this post 🙂
      Point is are we ready to adopt & repeat western mistake of frequent boom-doom??

      We’ll work hard for 5 yrs in boom n save for future…then suddenly loose everything in doom…again back to same…aahhh boring kid’s game!!

      Hope concern policy makers are listening!


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