~ Mystic Monsoon & Memories….

Monsoon in India means.. end of hot summer…a new beginning…new start in Life…Breeze.. Drizzle.. Excitement.. Romance…Love…time to Confess…expressing Heart…setting new Memories…Mystic Monsoon ..Ohh monsoon bless all with what they seek…

Watch clip below, a famous Mumbai Monsoon scene & song from movie ‘Wake up Sid’

Hindi Lyrics & English Translation:

Boondon Ke Motiyon Me Ghul Ke Ehsaas Aaya

I realized after dissolving in droplet beads…

Waqt Se Nikal Ke Lamha Dil Ke Paas Aaya

The moment has come to my heart…

Chhoo Ke Guzra Tha Par Dil Ko Na Mehsoos Hua

It touched but the heart could not feel…

Ab Jo Dekha Toh Woh Lamha Dil Ko RaasAaya..

Now when I looked, the heart loved it..

 Yun Ki Tai.. Kar Na Paaun Re..

I am not able to decide…

Dil Ki Baat Main Hawa Ke Zariye Pahunchaun Re

Should I send the message of my heart through breeze…

Ya Khud Hawa Pe Chal Ke Aaun Re?

Or should I come myself floating on the air?

 Tumse Pyaar Hai.. Yeh Khul Ke Jinn Me Keh Paaun Re

I love you.. Frankly in which I can say…

 Lafz Woh Kahan Se Laaun Re??

Where do I get the words from??

 Wake up.. there’s a calling. calling…

 Life is coming your way….

Photo credit: Screen shot from wake up sid song

Sources: Lyrics Via”caperbooks<dot>com”, Wake up sid movie, dharma productions India, Youtube, google search, all link sin the post.


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