~ Indian Government launched ‘MyGov’ portal: A step towards Open Government…

On occasion of 60th day of new historical Govt. formation in India, PM Mr. Narendra Modi, launched MYGOV” portal for citizens to contribute in “Suraaj”(good governance) as he promised during election campaign to decrease gap between People and Government!

MyGov promo – NIC govt of India

India, world’s largest democracy with 1.25 billion humanity , has world’s second largest active internet users after China. Why not use it for national building and generating innovative and creative new out of the box ideas to solve complex problems in highly dynamic and diverse place on the earth- India!Mygov-India

How we can utilize our daily time for better Karma:

We waste so much time daily on Social Networking; which has not so worthy outcome at the end of the day! Instead, lets spend few minutes daily on MyGov portal to read what others are discussing, sharing our ideas , comments, suggestions and also learn new things daily from others.

We would be able to channelize our positive energy to better cause. Not only it will help creating better lives for millions of unfortunate in country but also give us a platform to showcase our out of the box ideas to others , exchange new fresh ideas and giving sense of satisfaction for our hard-work to build a better nation.  

This is one stop official Govt. platform to engage directly with PM or higher authority in your elected Government.

MyGov-logoNation has participated actively in “Swaraj” (Independence movement against British till 1947), now its time for “Suraaj” (good Governance) participation from citizens to implement their Idea of future India!

How MyGov portal works?

MyGov – Good governance with your Partnership!

MyGovIndians can join either by Charcha (चर्चा)/’Discussion’ and Kruti (कृती)/ ‘Do’ by Sign in at MyGov portal (http://mygov.nic.in/) followed by their suggestions to join Open Government.

 PM Modi’s current 3 favorite priorities on this portal:

  • Suggest Ideas to boost Girl child EducationMyGov-Girl Child Education Suggest a Road-map to clean the Ganga River

    MyGov-Ganga River cleaning Creative engagement with inter Government Departments

MyGov-Participation Either join to Discussion forum and give innovative ideas. Or for example- ‘Do’ activity in Ganga River cleaning includes:

  •  – Volunteer to Clean Ganga Mission

  • – Conduct field work

  • – Give detailed field report

  • – Organized Cleanliness drive

This online tool and latest technology will increase transparency & accountability in Governance; which ultimately will help in generating fresh innovative ideas to government, creating awareness among people, empowering common citizen and reduce corruption/processing time/project complexities.

Mygov-lA small but giant step towards building trust and people’s active participation; not just by giving vote but through engaging in good governance & nation building.

Photo Credit: Govt. of India MyGov portal & promo clip

Sources: Google search, NIC, Govt. of India, MyGov.nic.in site, wikipedia, facebook, twitter, Mr. Narendra modi websites, and all the links mentioned in the post.


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