~ Library of Holy Hindu Scriptures!

Often question is asked to Hindus..Which is a Holy Book in Hinduism?  Well, Hinduism has whole library of Holy Scriptures (about 1180); not just a single book!!

Here is a collection of Holy Hindu Scriptures from different online sources.

In past 800-900 years, due to frequent foreign invasions in India, initially from Arabs/Gulf & later from British/Europeans till 1947; many original Hindu Holy books were either stolen , burned or got destroyed. A very big loss to world heritage & human civilization.

Fortunately, main 4 Vedas (Rigved,Samved,Atharva-ved,Yajurved), Ramayan, Mahabharat and other about 10 books are available in original forms; which are being used now.

Can we get all lost  knowledge & scriptures back again?

Yes! Hinduism is an unique OPEN ARCHITECTURE Dharma system! From the available knowledge & scriptures one can decode all scriptures back!

Its difficult task (not impossible), kind of scientific tools/technology available today, many recent archeological excavations,  and unusual urge among Hindus/Indians  to understand their cultural roots, it is quite possible that some group of genius Hindu spiritual scientists would be able to re-write the missing links in near future!

Till that let’s understand available scriptures first, even one life is not sufficient to thoroughly grasp all this accessible wisdom!

Library of Holy Hindu Scriptures:


Note: This is as per my little understanding of vast Hindu literature/scriptures. Suggestions/Feedback are welcome.

Photo Sources: Various sources mentioned in the gallery (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Sources: Google search, individual website for pictures as mentioned in gallery (Bharathgyan,yumpu, speakingtree, vallabhkankroli, venupayyanur ) and all other links used in the post.


9 thoughts on “~ Library of Holy Hindu Scriptures!

    • Thank you 🙂 happy..you like it…Hindu scriptures r very deep,vast n covers great details about cosmos/universe/evaluation/life on the earth…Its very difficult to fit into single simple chart!…Good that some experts have tried to publish it in one picture, which is very useful.Lets thank them…Will post more information soon..keep posted, cya


    • yeah true….our great ancestors n Hinduism founder Rishis gave us this wisdom treasure…we must preserve & use this heritage..plz spread/forward awareness…keep posted..cya


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