~ Krishna Dahi-Handi Festival: Govinda aala re…aala..

Govinda aala re!! (means Krishna’s team has arrived). Krishna Dahi-Handi (breaking sweet yoghurt filled pot above using human pyramid) festival celebrated to show love & devotion towards beloved Hindu god Shri Krishna; on his birth anniversary each year. Today, Hindus across the world are celebrating 5126th birth anniversary of Shri Krishna.

Shri Krishna was born on 27th July 3112 BCE  on Janmastami (8th day of Hindu calender month Shukla) to mother Devaki and father Vasudev in Mathura at western state of UP,India.Later he lived as king of Dwaraka area in Gujarat, western coast of India.

Shri Krishna’s birth place Mathura and living place Dwaraka are among most sacred places in Hinduism. Today is biggest day for these sacred places. So, millions of devotees visit there for blessings. Rest celebrate at their home with families friends, visiting nearby temples and taking part in Dahi-handi celebrations.

Who are  Govindas?

Men and Women taking part in Dahi-Handi competitions calls  themselves proudly as Govinda (another name of Shri Krishna) or friends of Shri Krishna , who are here to break your sweet yogurt pots and win the prize money.

Dahi Handi Competitions across City:

Dahi-handi competitions are arranged across India, in schools, on streets;  open to all Govinda teams (both girls and boys). Winning team is awarded with cash prizes if they successfully make highest human pyramid possible..till now as per Mumbai’s record, 9 to 12 human layers is considered as best! You can watch LIVE Dahi handi competitions to many Indian TV channels whole day today.
Mumbai Govinda- the boss of Govindas!
Most popular Dahi-handi festival is celebrated in Mumbai-Maharashtra state. Also has  additional Bollywood glamor as many stars attain this festival to cheer up Govinda teams.
Mumbai alone has about 3500 competitions with millions of Rupees  prize money and has over 400 Govinda teams showing their skills!!

Official street party across India today:

And yes, after each successful attempt by Govinda team is celebrated with music, dance and street party (see clip) 🙂

Dahi-Handi symbolizes Team work &  Social Harmony

Krishna Dahi-handi is celebrated across all faiths and communities coming together as Govinda team. Thus, this popular Festival also celebrates togetherness, team work, hard work, precision, courage, devotion, brotherhood and social harmony.

 Happy Krishna Janmashtami to all…

May it bring happiness, peace and prosperity in your life..

Dahi handi competition at Mumbai Street:

Girls Govinda Team in Mumbai

Girls and Boys teams at Delhi DahiHandi festival:

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration across India

Spain has similar type of human pyramid making festival . Since last 4-5 years, one Spanish team also perform in Mumbai Dahi Handi festival.

Castellers de Vilafranca – 9 thar human tower at Dahi Handi Govinda Festival,Mumbai India:

Famous Bollywood Dahi-Handi Songs:

Yes, our movies too celebrate Dahi-Handi scenes…life is celebration as we believe in India & so our movies!

Photo credit: Screen shot from clip above.

Sources: Sources:youtube user ekmev, bharathgyan, art of living, google search, youtube, and all links in the post.


7 thoughts on “~ Krishna Dahi-Handi Festival: Govinda aala re…aala..

    • ya I can understand…this is unmissable festival…full of energy, fun, colors,friends, dance n street celebrations!! Hope you’ll also celebrate soon with your family….Next big…..BAPPA is on the way n arriving soon 🙂
      Keep visiting n share your presence with other Indians…cya


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