~ Hinduism and Environment Protection Teachings

Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) encourages preserving & protecting nature laws, both outside & inside (Body/Mind)! Religion can’t & won’t sustain without Science says Dr. Uma (see clip). ‘Do not disturb the sky and do not pollute the Atmosphere‘ – Hindu holy Scripture Yajurveda verse 5-43.

Read how Hinduism promotes environment protection through teachings and day-to-day practice.

Holy Hindu Scriptures, 4 Vedas,  written way before 8000 years, clearly promotes sustainable living and Dharma (duties and responsibilities) of every human towards protecting climate around.

Based on these core teachings in Vedas, all rituals, culture, human living, & beliefs in Hinduism were derived accordingly.

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How Hinduism promotes Environment protection through teachings and rituals:

  • Hindu God Prayers- Using flowers, special tree leaves and dry flower powder actually promotes planting of more flowers and high oxygen releasing plants (e.g Tulsi plant & some flower plants)

    READ : Science behind Hindu Prayers and Meditation

  • Yajna/Havan/Yagna/ Homas  or Hindu Fire rituals Temples ,  home ,  during wedding and  funerals Hindus practice holy fire ritual called Yajna/Havan or Homa to help environment protection through Heat & Sound (Powerful Sanskrit Mantra Chanting Vibrations)

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  • Ayurveda (Hindu herbal medicines) –Protecting & growing trees , medicinal plants in nearby areas…it also helps in reducing green house gases in that area.

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  • Vegetarianism- Not just animal rights & environment protection…but deep lesson that we Human beings are not special on the earth, we all living species are same…Human beings only have little bit more developed brain…we can still be healthy by eating Vegetables, fruits, grains, dry fruits and appropriate products made from them.

  • Yoga – Keeping  Mind & Body  calm and Healthy to understand truth of Nature laws i.e. Dharma…Healthy Mind & Body can only think good for self, others, animals, plants,  and nature

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  • Indian food- using healthy plants as spices & additives to improve digestion..Cooking curry and Indian food such a way that it will  give us delicious taste and health.

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  • Festivals – To spread awareness about importance of climate and environment by practicing certain mentioned rituals.

    READ: MahaKumbha (Holy Dip) & its significance

Similarly, in many Hindu practices  you can find Science and Religion going hand in hand.

Hope some  ignorant Hindu  followers and Hinduism critics, both will pay attention to hidden Scientific teachings behind all Holy Hindu Scriptures. This will reduce misconceptions (many times  deliberately promoted) about Sanatan dharma  a.k.a. Hinduism.

Dr. Uma Mysorekar , famous New York based Gynecologist & President of Hindu Temple Society USA, on teachings of Hinduism  on Environment protections

Promoting Environment protection:



Ganesh-Temple-NewYork-USA Hindu-Devotee Hinduism-on-Save-Environment

Photo credit: Screenshot from clip

Sources: youtube user “nerm inn”, google search, Dr Uma Mysorakar talk, and all links in the post.


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