~ Rice Bucket Challenge: India’s Innovative Charity Chain substitutes Ice Bucket Challenge!

An innovative charity Chain where you can’t skip donation!! Brainchild of Hyderabad based Mrs. Manjulatha Kalanidhi, she decided to use social media in meaningful & compassionate way to help poor and needy, she swapped ICE challenge with RICE challenge…Here you Donate a bucket of RICE to poor, pass this challenge to friends and post your story at official Facebook @ RiceBucketChallenge & Twitter to continue the charity chain further.

Experts worldwide voting that Rice challenge is  one of the Revolutionary Global Idea in recent times!

Here you can donate money, food, clothes, etc anything as per your wish in your area.

How RICE challenge is better than ICE Challenge (Must watch clip below -wasting life, a bucket time):

  • Resource utilization instead of Wastage: No wastage of natural resources such as Water, Electricity to make ice, etc

  • Giving Dignity: Rice/Food donation removes hunger and gives sense of inclusiveness &  dignity to poor people. Sense that they are not neglected, society cares them too!

  • Promotes Togetherness: Brings all sections of society together in Rice challenge

  • Spreads Seva Awareness: Rice challenge spreads awareness about poor/needy section in society (Maid, Garbage collectors, manual labors, unemployed , oldies, kids, orphanages, etc)  which are neglected in our daily self-centered life

  • Decentralization & Voluntarily: Rice challenge is individual choice. This removes middle men/NGO or charity organization (now a days people are suspicious about their hidden motives!)

  • No moral debate as in case of Ice challenge

  • Brings immediate sense of satisfaction to donator!

  • Small help but big impact by feeding/helping poor people once in a month by every individual

  • Teaching your Kids about human values by donating food/cloths in front of their presence

Isn’t that cool?…why you’re waiting…fill your bucket, donate & pass the charity chain further 🙂 🙂

VISIT official facebook page @RiceBucketChallenge

Twitter TAG #RiceBucketChallenge

NDTV: Woman who started Rice Bucket Challenge


Wasting natural resources or consume more than required has become western culture (Rich means wasting resources &  saving it or using it optimum means you are poor!) over the years…so its not surprising to see yet another idea of natural resource wastage in the name of “charity”…It is explained below in awareness advt.

For all those who blindly fall into PEER pressure or dominant trend without thinking the future consequences of current action..this advt will help…

Defaming Ice Bucket Challenge: Wasting life, a bucket a time

Rice Bucket Challenge Photos:

4Join-Rice-Bucket-Challenge             2 6 8 5m pa b c d f g  Rice-Bucket-Challenge-indianRice-Bucket-challenge-India3119


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 Photo credit: Rice Bucket challenge facebook page
Source : Google, Rice Bucket challenge Facebook page, YouTube, NDTV, IBN7 and all other links mentioned in the post


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