~ Jugaad (जुगाड़) Innovation: Western Problem, Indian Solution!

Jugaad Innovation, India gave world another business acumen  ; effective especially post 2008 western economic crisis occurred due to high Greed/Monopoly/High resource wastage culture!!…Jugaad (जुगाड़), a Hindi word means “overcoming harsh constraints by improvising an effective solution using limited resources” as  described by Indian-American authors Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu & Simone Ahuja in their international best selling book — Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth (Jossey-Bass, 2012).

Post 2008 economic crisis, there is new paradigm shift in global business thinking from typical Western model of “More (Innovation) from More (Resources) to Indian business model of “More from Less” using JUGAAD Innovation.

An attitude of finding quick, creative, less cost, local market solutions in available resources, test locally and apply same solutions to other markets is roughly called as Jugaad (Frugal) Innovation process in world business community.

Watch authors TED talks on Jugaad Innovation,new revolutionary concept in the world of Innovation studies and practices in global companies.

Scarcity Re-framed is Abundance: Simone Ahuja at TEDx Grand Rapids

Jugaad Innovations happening in India: Slides show

Jugaad Innovation: Jaideep Prabhu at TEDx UCL

Learn to unlearn: Navi Radjou at TEDx Isere River

New paradigm shift in business thinking  from “More for More Innovation” to Indian business model of “More for Less”

From Jugaad to Systematic Innovation: Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan from IIM-B at TEDx NITK Surathkal

Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu, and Simone Ahuja – Jugaad Innovation


Jugaad innovation Book Author Simone Ahuja at TEDx Grand Rapids demonstrating “Mitti-Kool” portable no-electricity sustainable Fridge made from Jugaad Innovation in India

Photo source: Screenshot from above clip
Source: Wikipedia, you-tube, slide-share, Google search , facebook and all links mentioned in the post.


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