~ How Hindus Celebrate Diwali (Festival of Lights)

India is gearing up for biggest festival of year (see clips & beautiful pictures below)…Get basic idea; Why & How Hindus across  the world celebrate Diwali,5 day long festival of light & colours with family, friends,  relatives & communities…

In 2014 Diwali be celebrated as per Hindu calender on:

  • October 21: Dhanteras – Family prayers + buy metal items
  • October 22: Narak chaturdashi – early morning sainted flower bath & family prayers
  • October 23: LaxmiPooja- Biggest day in Diwali,Family prayers for Goddess Laxmi (Luck/Prosperity/Happiness)
  • October 24: Balipratipada/Padwa – Husband-Wife Day
  • October 25: Bhaibeej/Bhaiduj – Brother-Sister day

For festival vocabulary in English see 2nd clip below.

Diwali or Deepavali (means Row of Lamps/Lights) – is a fresh Start, new Energy, new Hope..Family gathering..showing unconditional Love & Respect for Parents/Siblings/Spouse..Gifts..Ghar ka Khana..Laxmi Pooja with Dear ones..Spirituality..inner happiness..time to embrace Positivity /Optimism/Bliss…

So, Diwali is India’s most favoirate celebration…a Festival of Lights, Positivity, Family Bonding & Bliss…

A very Inclusive/Togerness Festival – celebrate with all dearones and community around…

Come lets celebrate Diwali, a festival of light, happiness, prosperity, Togetherness, Inclusiveness, and victory of Good over Evil…

|| Wish You & Family a Very Happy Prosporous Diwali || Watch-  How Hindus Celebrate Dwiali Learn Diwali/Deepavali Vocabulary and understand each day of Diwali, its significance, and how it is celebrated from Niharika!

Main attractions of Diwali / Deepavali:

Shopping …lots of Shopping…


Decoration-  Colours..flowers…lamps

Diwali-IndiaRangoli – auspicious  color powder floor decoration

diwlai-Rangoli-Floor Docoration

Heena/Mehandi – hand decoration with temparary brown colour (tattoo)


Diya – Indian special  earthen oil lamps…


Getting ready for Prayers with traditional Hindu attires…


Hindu Goddess Laxmi Prayers with family


Gift exchange to your loved one in family n friends


Fire Crackers with family…kid’s favorite ocassion…


Family games overnight —Lets see who wins Laxmi blessings this Diwali me or Papa (Dad)!!


Diwali special sweets and food with family…


New year for Business or new Venture start

Diwali-Business-Office Bhaubeej/bhaiduj – Celebrating Brother sister unconditional love & respect day…


Hindu family prayers for Happiness & Prosperity…

Happy Diwali to all….Lets wel-come Goddess Laxmi…



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Source: Wild Film  India, Lets talk videos, youtube, google search, and all links in the post. Photo credit: Screen shot from above clips


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