~ Bollywood DIVIDES, Regional movies UNITES!

Recent 2 Super-hit Indian regional language movies (Marathi –“Lokmanya Tilak-Ek Yugpurush” & Tamil – “Lingaa”) admired by all Indians clearly proves – Bollywood (Hindi cinema) which is now more like Foreign Funded entity; totally lacks authentic Indian scripts (copies mostly from Hollywood) and promotes all crap Western/Gulf hidden agenda with foreign import actors; is far from Indian ground reality.

-Western slave Indian Media won’t tell about this:

Got to know about these two recent beautiful regional movies, which are like symbol of togetherness and national integration, unlike many crap Bollywood movie trend! Glad to see Creativity, Innovation, Patriotism, and India pride is still alive in heart of some Producers, Script writers and Directors. Not all creative people in Film Industry sold their Souls to foreign Masters for some paper money and to receive few sham international awards!

Still Colonized Indian history books won’t teach much about such great visionary self-made Indian leaders  like Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Blockbuster movie based on his life. Indian western slave in Media industry, Entertainment news reporters and so called self proclaimed ‘liberal’ writers won’t talk about greatness of such movies.

Here is my little understanding of beutiful  Marathi and Tamil cultures and Cinema. See what I could collect about these two regional blockbuster movies.

1.Matarhi Movie: Lokmanya Ek Yugpurush (2015)

Movie is movies based on life of visionary Indian national freedom fighter and social scientist Lokmanya (People’s leader) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (23 July 1856- 1 August 1920), like a ONE MAN ARMY who inspired millions to join in Indian freedom struggle and established foundation for future aggresive patriotic movement which finally got India a freedom on 15th August 1947.

-Brief about Mr. B.G. Tilak: He was born in Marathi family at Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, western coast of India. He was B.A. in Mathematics in 1877 from Pune University and got LLB (Barrister) degree from Bombay University in 1879.

He established future foundation of Indian freedom movement and trained many famous patriots like Vir Sawarkar, Chaphekar, and others. He integrated mass movement along with other freedom fighters across India – Lala Lajpatrai from Punjab and Bipinchandra Pal from Bangal. This famous Trio or Triangle or Triumvirate of Indian freedom struggle is famously called as Lal-Bal-Pal assertive ideology (Lal from Lajpatrai,Bal from Bangangadhar,Pal from Bipin Chandra Pal) against cruel British rulers.

-Mr. B.G. Tilak’s famous motto and life mission that shook the national freedom movement and brought people together, which he propogated  to cunning British rulers was,

“Swaraj (people’s rule or freedom) is my birthright and I shall have it

“Service to Nation is service to God”

Real Hindu “Dharma” follower: He was great scholar, mathematician, thinker, and researcher on Hindu dharma/Vedic teachings. He promoted Dharma teachings of Karma-yoga, simplicity, mutual respect for all, and what is real freedom – both outside and internal for humanity through his lifestyle.

He wrote several books and articles:

Mr Tilak wrote books like “Gita Rahasya”, “Orion” , “Artic home in the Vedas”  which was based on his understanding of  Hindu Holy books- Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagwad Gita and his skills in Sanskrits, English, Marathi literatures, Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrophysics.

-Started Education Revolution in India trough Institutions: To train future generations in nationalism and patriotism, also to Enlighten Indians against British/European invader’s cunning plans, he opened first “New English School” in Pune city to teach English along with local languages Marathi and Sanskrit. British English Schools that time were (still doing same) just spreading false propaganda to demean Indian culture/Hinduism, spreading inferiority complex by brainwashing Indian kids, and playing mind games to finally make Indians Colonization slaves working in British/European offices and factories.

-Old Colonization replaced by Globalization now!

Actually, same thing is still happening today but in the name of similar term Globalization, training Indian scholars who questions India’s true potential but serve Americans-European-UK companies for some plastic money, this was argued by non-other than –famous scientist Bharat Ratna C.N.R.Rao for Indian IT service industry (here) and great Indian economist S Gurumurthy (here) in my previous posts.

Watch trailer with English subtitle –Lokmanya Ek Youpurush

Cunning Birtish/Europen invadors used to put notice in their offices “Dogs and Indians are not allowed” on Indian soil….Brave Mr. B.L.Tilak gave them back in his school premises “Dogs and British are not allowed”…shows his courage, conviction & petriotism!

How Bal Gangadhar Tilak built India again from Scrap:

This patriotic song in Movie by singer Shankar Mahadevan shows how Balgagadhar Tilak , his family and friends training youths, establishing Schools , sports, Gyms, Women education & empowerment, and built nation once again from scrap!

Social Reforms by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak:

Movie song is dedicated to Lord Ganesh and scene showing first community Ganesh festival celebration started in 1893 by Shri Tilak himself as a part of his vision of new India. Social armony, increasing participation by Women/Girls in society, spread message of Togetherness & social harmony in country. Thus, Bulding nation to stand it on own feet after independance. See this scene/song in – Lokmanya ek Youpurush.

Also see beautiful Hindu Marathi Culture/ Traditions/ Dance/ Music/ Drums/Colours…Traditional Men & Women attires.etc

2.Tamil Movie: Lingaa (2014)

No introduction required for Rajanikanth and his movies…..The real boss of Indian Cinema…once in million superstar…his latest movie – LINGAA, was released on his Birthday. He is admired, loved by all Indians and always carries good message of togetherness, social harmony and 100% Entertainment!  🙂

Lingaa Trailer in Hindi with English Subtitles

 Seriously guys, Bollywood DIVIDES… Regional movies UNITES…..Mind it!! "Marathi-Lokmanya-Tilak-Tamil-Lingaa-Movies-Poster-Globindian"Vande Mataram

Jai Hind


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Photo source: Essel vision and Rockline Entertainments

Sources: Essel Vision, Eros Now, Video palace, IMDB, Rockline Entertainments, Kesari News Daily, 1stganeshfestival, google search, youtube, and all links in the post.


5 thoughts on “~ Bollywood DIVIDES, Regional movies UNITES!

  1. agree… in fact regional industries are making up those things quickly where bollywood is shortfalling… quality acting, good content/script, experiments etc.

    Funding is one problem in bollywood and dynasties is the second problem (presently almost every hero-heroine is son/daughter of previous actor). In Marathi industry, thankfully almost every movie actor comes from theater, and the movies/script really doesn’t require a 6-pack dumbo looking macho… that sustains pretty much the quality


    • Hi, Thank you for your visit n comment…yeah true..my understanding of Regional movies and Theatre concludes same…they are better than Bollywood family clubs and their chamchas! ..keep posted, keep blogging, cya


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