~ Ayurveda Remedy for Diabetic and Sugar Cautious

Simple home made Indian ancient medicine science-Ayurveda remedy for sugar cautious and Diabetic people shared by blogger Khushidey’s zone (here). Try it and share your experience.

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  •  100 g – Indian Wheat flour (pure no maida)

  • 100 g – Gum of tree (gondh) – (Not specified which tree!)

  • 100 g – Barley (jau in hindi?)

  • 100 g – Black Seeds (kalunji)

 Juice Preparation:

  • Put all above 4 ingredients in 5 cups of water

  • Boil – for 10 minutes

  • Allow it to cool down by itself

  • Filter out the seeds

  • Preserve the liquid/juice in glass bottle/jug

 Method or dose intake for 2 weeks:

  • Take one small cup full of this stored juice (say 100-200 ml) every morning on empty stomach

  • Do this for 7 days regularly

  • Next week repeat the same procedure but now on Alternate days

  • Check whether your sugar level is down

  • Please share your experience with us

  • If working well, kindly share this to others, lets help those who are in need

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Note: This recipe is shared by Fropper blogger here. All credits goes to mentioned blogger. Globindian page is just sharing this article as information/educational purpose. It is user’s own responsibility to check facts and talk to their doctor before taking any such Ayurveda home made recipes depending on their health case. Globindian blog is just sharing information available on internet to help people for their good health. Globindian will not responsible for any thing related to this matter.

 Remedy preparation in picture:


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Photo source: fropper images mesh up Sources: google search, Fropper, and all other link sin the post.


5 thoughts on “~ Ayurveda Remedy for Diabetic and Sugar Cautious

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  2. Thanks, the last few months I am suffering from the Diabetes problem and I am really worried about this. After reading your blog, I think now I don’t worried about my problem. I hope your homemade recipe helps me.


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