~ ‘BABY’ : Finally a Bollywood movie for Intellectuals!

A thought-provoking Bollywood (Hindi) movie for Brainy people…Not for Lovey-Dovey Babies, One Guy-One Gal, Sing n Dance types crowd! IMDB rating= 8.8/10.

Brush up your skills in Globalization, Current affairs, Geopolitics, World affairs related to India/South Asia before watching this movie, else it will be just another suspense thriller for you!

Movie Plot: Indian top agency launches a secret project called ‘BABY’ to finish an important international project; hiring top Men n Women officers. Story has many twists. Though it takes first one hour to introduce characters and their tasks, last 40 minutes has many surprises for viewers. Its one of those selected good movies, where you hate to have Toilet break in the middle!

Famous Director Neeraj Pande, repeating his success of A Wednesday (2008)  and Special 26 (2013),did a great job keeping viewers involved in this story and curious till end, wondering what’s next now! Actors Akshay Kumar,Anupan Kher,Kay Kay Menon,Danny ,Tapsee Panu  and team showed their good acting skills.

Surely BABY is for Macho fans…Not for Lokhandwala-Mumbai based looser star kids dreaming for Swiss holiday sitting in Bandra cafe, with Pink cloths, Red Heart shaped balloons n Chocolates!! 😐

Globindian Rating: 4.0/ 5 (a must watch for Bollywood fans to raise standards!)

Watch BABY (2015) Trailer

BABY (2015) wallpapers:

Akhay-Kumar-BABY-1"Bollywood-Hindi-India-Baby-Movie"Akhay-Kumar7  Akhay-Kumar-1  Akhay-Kumar-77   akki-baby BABY-2  baby-6KKAkhay-Kumar-888baby-4 danny1 Danny7Akhay-Kumar-7  Flag


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Photo credit: Screen shot from T-series clip above

Sources: BABY movie, T-series, You tube, IMDB, google search, and all links in the post.


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