~ Why Western Left /Right Wing Theory not applicable in India

Another wrong colonized gaze on Hindus/Indians! Famous Researcher is explaining in short clip why Western Left/Right wing concepts don’t fit in India. Colonized brainwashed and some ignorant crowd in Indian media/history/literature/sociology/politics still label Left/Right wing to differentiate two thoughts while discussing politics or sociology.

Traditionally, it’s about Dharma Vs Adharma in 10000+ years old Diverse and Dynamic Indian Civilization. Indians (dharma) believes same truth can be told in multiple ways by different minds, so there are many Paths/Gods/Faiths/Thoughts in the world, no path is superior or inferior- all are equal and each individual has freedom to choose his/her Swa-Dharma (own customized path). Therefore, we all must give Mutual Respect to each other, without imposing our Thoughts/Ideologies by hook or crook on others!

In today’s Global perspective Dharma also means modernization without westenization! See picture below clip, leading Indian Women Enterpreneures/ Businesswomens/ Bankers who reached high position without leaving behind Indian values/culture/civilization!

Irony, still westerners and many Indians use Left/Right phrases in India. Its time Indians should get rid of colonized mindsets and discover new terms while discussing two different perspectives in India.

Famous Author/Researcher/Historian Mr. Rajiv Malhotra explains origin of terms “Left wing” and “Right Wing” post French Revolution and why it doesn’t fit to Indian perspective


Western Left Vs Right ideologies: "Left-Right-Wing-Western-India"Dharma= Modernization without Westernization

BT- India Businesswomen 2014 Award winners with their trophy. "Bisiness-Women-India"


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Photo credit: “sodahead” and “Business Today”

Sources: RajivMalhotraVedios, Youtube, Google search and all inks in the post.


7 thoughts on “~ Why Western Left /Right Wing Theory not applicable in India

  1. Sadly, so many educated Indians aren’t interested in learning about these things. And the problems continue 🙂 Same old ideologies continue, same old colonization of mind. This is what educated India needs to be ashamed of. Thanks for highlighting this point.


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