~ Love You Maa (Mom)…

Only Mother Can Give What She Doesn’t Have…Thank you for your Unconditional Love and Support Maa (Mom)….Watch below a beautiful, heart warming, touching musical tribute to Mother… ❤ ❤ ❤

Touching Hindi Poem with English translation:

 Chup chap Rahati Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi Kahati Hai…

[You keep silence never Express anything]

Firbhi Kitana Batai Sikhati Hai Maa…

[But stillTells/Teaches Me so many Things]

Khali Kahli Haaton Se Kitna De Jati Hai Maa…

[Even with Empty Hands you give me so much Mom…]

Khud Lad Khadati Hai Khud Dug Magati Hai Himmat Jutahi Hai Haan…

[You struggle,you might fail but you always Boost/Motivates me Mom]

Chahe Na Sikha Ho Jane Tarika Woh Kaise Bhi Hum Ko Rahe Dikhati Hai Maa…

[You might not know the things well .. but still shows me a right path Mom]

Khali Kahli Haaton Se Kitna De Jati Hai Maa…

[Even with Empty Hands you give me so much Mom]

Pass Jo Isske Nahi Kaise De Jati Hai Maa?

[How come Mom give me which she doesn’t have? ]

Khud Nahi Kabhi Uske Sapne par Mere Sare Sapne Sajti Hai Maa…

[You night not have your dreams but still try to fulfill all my dreams mom ]

Hoti Nahi Kabhi Uski Kwaishe Puri…

[Although your wises/dreams never come true ]

Par Meri Khaish Puri Kar Jati Hai Maa…

[But you fulfil all my wishes/dreams mom]

Khali Khali Sapno Se Sapne Sajati Hai Maa…

[You fulfil my all dreams/wishes with your empty hands mom ]

I don’t Know How You Do It….

But I know..I Love Yo Maa! ❤ ❤ ❤

#LoveYouMaa #HappyWomensDay #India #Love #Care

Watch beautiful Advt/Song/Poem- ” Love You Maa “

Love You Maa Photos: "Mother-India-Maa-Mom" "Maa-Love-Mother-Mom-India" "Maa-Love-Mother-Mom-India" "Maa-Love-Mother-Mom-India" "Maa-Love-Mother-Mom-India" "Maa-Love-Mother-Mom-India" "Maa-Love-Mother-Mom-India"

 Photo source: GVK advt clip

Source: GVK advt, google search, all links mentioned in the post.



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