~ Boarding School/Crèche lowers Emotional Quotient

Western/British colonized fad of Boarding schools or long hours in Crèches or kipping kids away from parents/family damages Emotional Quotient (EQ) among kids! Expert found out “Boarding School Syndrome” among such kids i.e. – Trouble in Forming Attachments (too much Independent/Self-centered/Lonely/Reserve), Trouble in Maintaining Intimate Relationships (ultimately leads to Break-ups/Divorces) and Kid become Emotionally Disabled (low in EQ)!!

In India, you can witness this Syndrome in Bollywood star or Rich kid’s miserable & complex personal life styles post boarding school days! Watch 2 famous Bollywood movie clips below about Boarding School Syndrome and its after effects on kids.

Speaker in first clip below says this fad of keeping child away from parents at early age, be it Boarding School or Crèches for too long, is to end up like an Elite class or/and people in Power (read Slavery) – who are emotionally damaged!

This interesting The Guardian report further suggests “…We must protect children from the damage they can cause, argues George Monbiot, who still struggles with the emotional impact of being sent away at the age of eight. He says if working-class parents did this, there would be an outcry. So why are upper-class parents getting away with what has become a form of acceptable cruelty?…”

 So, “Boarding School Syndrome” (low in EQ) means:

  • Trouble in Forming Attachments

  • Trouble Maintaining Intimate Relationships

  • Kid become Emotionally Disabled

Save beautiful innocent days of your kids during upbringing. They need parent’s physical and emotional support.

Raise your kids in close family including grand parents, in-laws, relatives/friends/neighbors…improve his/her Emotional Quotient. Prepare them for future people-to-people communications and living together with everyone.

Teach them sense of Belongingness, Inclusiveness, Togetherness, Social responsibilities, forming and maintaining Relationships with Love/Respect in today’s diverse and dynamic world.

Indians, please think about this Western Fad…raise your kids in our traditional emotionally healthy together in close Family lifestyle.

LOVE your kids. Save them from becoming future Slaves/Coolies of Globalization!!

Watch short clip- Boarding school at an early age is child abuse by George Monbiot

Understanding”Boarding School Syndrome” via Bollywood Movies

"Boarding-School-Creches-Emotional-Quotient-India" Famous Song “Maa” from Tare Zamin Par (2007} means Like Stars on the Earth (IMDB rating – 8.5/10)  Masoom (1983) means Innocence (IMDB rating – 8.5/10)   Photo credit: T-series, Tare Zamin par and Masoom Hindi movies snapshots Source: The guardian clip, you tube, T-series songs, IMDB, Google search, and links in the post.


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