~ This is Women Empowerment ??

#MyChoice. Feminism propoganda worldwide is getting worst day by day!! Is adultery/hating other gender means empowerment? (See 2 clips and pics below ).

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukon, who was in recent AIB knockout roast controversy for mockery of women empowerment, also she has undergone serious medical treatment for  Depression , has come up with new Vogue India magzine Women Empoerment commercial called “MyChoice” (see two clips).

Wonder this is Women Empowerment ??

What do you think? Read complete discussion on Twitter #MyChoice

In my recent post on Indian Badminton star Ms. Saina Nehwal who recently became first Indian to be World No 1 rank, although comming from ordinary middle class family has achieved all international success with her talent/efforts/hard work at young age, isn’t it a real Woman Empowerment example?

Some Indian guy replied My choice – Female version with interesting Male version below!

My Choice- Female Version My choice – Male Version


Interesting Reply To Deepika’s My Choice Advt by Indians on Social MediaWomen-empowerment-In-True-Sense-Feminist-Propoganda  Reply from a Lady Writer to all Women:My-chocice-Reply-To-Feminist-Women-EmpowerementWomen-Empowerement-Hospital-by-selling-vegetables"Male-Vs-Female-Reply-To-My-Choice-Women-Empowerement-Feminist""Women-Empowerment-Feminism-India""Reply To-My-choce-Women-Emporement-Feminist"


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Photo credit:  screen shot from Vogue india clip and twitter

Sources: Vogue India, youtube, google search and all links in the post.


10 thoughts on “~ This is Women Empowerment ??

    • May be a publicity stunt for her next movie? These celebs can go to any low level for money n fame….Overall outcome – people are now considering her in Category of Alia Bhat, KRK, Rakhi Saawant 😀


  1. Why does having depression discredit what she has to say? You are free to disagree with her message but pointing out that she was treated for depression is irrelevant.

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    • Depression among celebs is generally linked to their wrong Lifestyle….you can confirm it studying cases of many Hollywood/bollywood starts who’ve undergone depression related issues…


      • There’s no scientific data that shows being a celebrity is a risk factor for depression. It may appear that more celebrities are being treated for depression because media covers their every move.


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