~ How India Influenced West

Mr. Philip Goldberg, famous American author (of 19 books), shared his over 40 years of research on India’s influence (since past 100 years) on West and he summarized his talk by thanking India for captivating heritage,  knowledge and vedic wisdom: “…give a thank to India; because it has affected you more positive way than you realize….India gave people; who are not religious in traditional way, a way to be spiritual; a way to be practically spiritual. It gave us all a higher vision of what we are and what we can become ;than what was known by psychologist”. He believes that has changed  the understanding of nature what we are!

Mr. Philip Goldberg is also a successful Blogger, Novelist, Non-fiction writer, Screen writer. He regularly writes column in Huffington post about the American Veda, gives lectures ( see Youtube clipsand wrote about 19 books till now.

  • Phlilip Goldberg’s talk – How India influenced West

  • Mr. Philip goldberg’s full audio Interview on 101.1 FM KRUU Radio (with downloadable MP3 file) 
  • Short Interview: Renee Lobo interviews Mr. Philip Goldberg

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