~ Introduction To Indian Classical Dances

Indian Classical Dance is all about conveying thoughts and feelings through expressions. The movements and steps are subtle with eyes doing most of the talking.

Kathak Dance  by Madhuri Dixit in Bollywood movie Dil Toh Pagal Hai

You can watch another of Kathak Performance by Madhuri Dixit from movie Devdas   HERE

Different types of Indian Classical Dance and Origin State From Where It Belong

Odissi – From State of Odisha

Bharatnatyam  – From State of Tamil Nadu 

Kathak – From State of Uttar Pradesh

Manipuri – From State of Manipur

Mohiniyattam –  From State of Kerala

 Kuchipudi – From State of Andhra Pradesh

Gaudiya Nritya – From state of West Bengal

Kathakali – From State of Kerala

Sattriya Dance – From State of Assam

Lavni /Tamasha  – From State of Maharashtra

Garba Dance – From State of Gujarat

There is no better way to introduce Indian classical dances than it was show cased during opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games 2010 at New Delhi.

Classical dance performance at CWG-2010, New Delhi-India

Watch complete commonwealth opening ceremony 2010

Different Types of Indian Classical Dances

  1. Odissi (From State of Odisha)

2. Bharatnatyam (From State of Tamil Nadu  )

3. Kathak (From State of Uttar Pradesh)

4. Manipuri (From State of Manipur)

5.  Mohiniyattam ( From State of Kerala)

6. Kuchipudi (From State of Andhra Pradesh)

7. Gaudiya Nritya (From state of West Bengal)

8. Kathakali (From State of Kerala)

9. Sattriya Dance (From State of Assam)

10. Lavni (From State of Maharashtra)

Traditional Marathi folk Art . The whole theatre group performance is called Tamasha group.

Wajale Ki Bara” Marathi Movie “Natarang

“Apsara aali “ from Marathi Movie Natarang

Watch another  performance on same song at a TV show here

11.Garba Dance (From State of Gujarat)

12. Mughal Style Dance (Has influence of Persian Dance)

Photos and Tv performances find here

Image Credit: “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dance_in_India”

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