~ Space Tourism: Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Re-Usable Rocket lands successfully

Space Exploration is much Easier, Cost Effective and Safe after this new game changing “Re-Usable” Rocket Booster technology by Mr Jeff Bezos & scientist team, which on 23 Nov 2015 successfully demonstrates Blue Origin re-usable Rocket to space and safely lands back both Rocket and upper capsule (designed for travelers) separately.

Company comments -“Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space, reaching its planned test altitude of 329,839 feet (100.5 kilometers) before executing a historic landing back at the launch site in West Texas.”

Historic Blue Origin Rocket Landing

CNN money-Jeff Bezos launches a rocket & lands it

First Flight-Blue Origin-Test- April 2015

Watch all Stunning Videos @Blue Origin Channel

In Pictures: Blue Origin Re-usable Rocket

Jeff-BEzos-Blue-Origin-rocket-Nov-24-2015 Blue-Origin-1 Blue-Origin-2 Blue-Origin-3 Blue-Origin-2015 Blue-Origin-Capsule Blue-Origin-Space-ExplorationBlue-Origin-ReturnsBlue-Origin-TweetsWhen Indian Bollywood Superstars were busy in damaging India’s image worldwide and wasting Nation’s Time, team of Scientists in USA quietly working day and night to test- First Re-Usable Rocket technology for mankind!

#AapWapsi: Protest against actor Aamir Khan

Salute to Team Blue Origin for this Leapfrogging Technology!

Blue-Origin-Team-23-Nov-2015 Blue-Origin-Team-Celebration Image Credit: Screenshot from clip above

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~ Indian Innovation: Hands-Free Wearable Computing Device

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~ India’s Invisible Innovations!

Is India already a hub for Global innovation/ R&D?? Prof . Nirmalya Kumar, a management guru from London Business School is revealing surprizing details about how Innovations done by Indians go unnoticed as they are working for foreign multinational companies and thus credit obviously goes to country where Head Office of company is based. So,  we never realize who are inventing these products and from which location of the world. This process is roughly referred as Invisible Innovation.

Following four types of Invisible Innovations are happening in India that Prof.Kumar discussed in talk:
1. Innovation for Business Customers
2. Outsourcing Innovation
3. Process innovation
4. Management innovations

Watch this informative and interesting TED talk.

More about Prof Nirmalya Kumar @ Twitter, @ Wikipedia

India’s invisible Innovation – Prof Nirmalya Kumar (Via TED Ed)

Watch talk at TED website. Prof Kumar’s Biodata @ TED Talks

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Image Credit: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirmalya_Kumar”

Sources: TED Talks, Google search, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter and all other links mentioned in the post.

~ Sixth Sense Technology: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear SmartWatch

Mr. Pranav  Mistry, an Indian researcher, brain behind Sixth Sense Technology  and Head of Think Tank Team at Samsung Research America, revealed Samsung’s new Smart Watch called “Galaxy Gear “on 4th Sept,2013; which is based on his Sixth Sense Technology .

Here is demonstration during official launch from Mr. Pranav Mistry himself (English pronunciation has influence of Gujarati style, kindly consider 🙂 ).

Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Demo by Mr Pranav Mistry

Watch full 2 hr Samsung event, IFA 2013 Berlin @ Youtube Playlist

What is Sixth Sense Technology?

Here is basic details of new age Sixth Sense Technology from Mr. Pranav Mistry at TED conference in 2009. Soon, there will be more products from him using this technology.

Featured in Top 1000 TED talks:

Thrilling Potential of SixthSense Technology by Pranav Mistry

First Look : Galaxy Gear Smart Watch (Right Side) developed using Sixth Sense Technology


Product Details & Specifications:

  • Price:  $299
  • Product in Market: 25th Sept., 2013 to 140 countries
  • Gear is compatible with : Galaxy note 3. After updating to Android 4.3, it will work with Galaxy S4, S III, Note II.
  • Size: 1.63 inch 320X320 display PPI
  • Processor: Single-core 800 MHZ Exynos
  • Graphic Processor: ARM Mali-400 MP4 9210 MHz/500 MHz)
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Storage: 4 GB on board
  • Camera: 1.9 Megapixel in watch
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 / NFC /Wi-Fi
  • Battery : 315 mAh (As per demo, it lasts for about 25 hrs)
  • Watch Colours: Available in different colors

More information:

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Image source: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Galaxy_Gear”

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~ Household Food Waste to Energy: Award Winning Portable Biogas Plants

Prestigious ASHDEN award winning eco-friendly (odour-free) technologies which converts household waste  food/fruit/plant to energy (Methane gas) for cooking / heating / flame / stove & effluent is sent to garden as bio-fertilizer. This Portable Odour-free Unit, made as per your size requirements,  can be fitted at home / roof top or in garden outside.

Pune-India based Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI) and Kerala based BIOTECH-India have designed two different compact technologies specially for home / society use. Hundreds of households are already using these technologies to save Energy bills for cooking, heating, etc and BIOTECH India is also producing electricity from their unit.

For more information and technical details, contact ARTI and BIOTECH India directly through their respective website:

  • @ ARTI-India.org
  • @ biotech-india.org
  •  More about ASHDEN Awards for Sustainable Energy@ Wikipedia

These technologies do not cost much and also easy for maintenance. Its very useful for villages/towns where waste disposal is a big problem. Hope in other parts of India (and Abroad); people will use these eco-freindly technologies to dispose-off their food waste effectively and also save energy bills.

ASHDEN award documentary on ARTI-India, Pune Technology

ASHDEN Award documentary on BIOTECH-India, Kerala Technology

Note: This is not an advertisement. Its a normal post to develop awareness for eco-friendly technologies. These  technologies are for household purposes and got charitable ASHDEN awards as they are doing good service to the society.

Sources: ARTI India website, BIOTECH-India website, Youtube, Google search, Ashden, Wikipedia, and other links in the post. Image source-Wikipedia