~ Happy Independence Day


On 15th August 1947 India got Independence. This 15th August 2013, India is celebrating its 66th B’day!! Salute to INDIA with National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ , beautifully composed by A. R. Rahman and posturized by Bharatbala Productions along with various Gems of India in the field of music (Flute- Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, sitar,  etc) and singing (Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Pandit Jasraj, Jagjit Singh,  Kavita Krushnamurthy, Bhupen Hazarika, and others).

Vande Matarm ( I bow to thee , mother), Patriotic Poem by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

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~ Save the Sparrows (Birds)

Sparrows (Birds) are fast declining/vanishing from cities due to Pollution, Mobile Tower Radiations, Climate Change, Rapid Urbanization, Cutting Tree , etc., which is also a sign of ecological imbalance! Some citizens in India showed simple solution to save Sparrows (birds) by putting ‘eco-friendly nest’ at roof-tops and providing them some grains/water. To spread awareness, save birds and maintain nature’s balance; 20th March is celebrated as World sparrow day. Watch initiatives and success stories in clips below.

CNNIBN: Gujarat woman works to save vanishing  Sparrow

TimesNow: Song of sparrow

Success Stories:

Project Save Sparrows: Putting Food Pan Above Trees

See how we can do this simple step at our home to save the Sparrow

Watch News9 story: Save Sparrow documentary and Doordarshan  (Hindi)- Special programme on Word Sparrow Day

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~ Summer ‘Holi’ Party : New Trend @ UK/Europe

Summer ‘Holi‘ parties are becoming more popular and crowd puller events (outside India) in recent years. Holi festival  is traditionally celebrated in spring for Unity in Diversity, Universal Happiness, promoting Togetherness and Celebrating life with Colours (Read – Holi party new rage in Britain). People throw different coloured powder (generally made up of flower petals and certain plant leaves) in the air and on each other followed by music & open air mass dance party. Sometimes, it is followed by coloured water or simple water/shower, a kind of coloured water rain/shower dance party to beat summer heat 😀

Such Holi parties are regularly organized by HoliOne Organization ; almost whole year (nothing to do with Holi festival as per Indian calendar) at many cities in countries like  France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, UK, USA, Spain, Czech Republic, Brasil, Costa Rica, South Africa (Visit official website of organizer in your city via internet search or ask local tourist office).

Holi One Colour Festival in August 2013

HoliOne at Lubeck 2013

Holi One Festival Cape Town 2013

Note: This is not an advertisement for any organization or person or event. I got this news from Newspaper article and this is just a normal personal post. I am not an organizer nor I will. You can search on internet about such events and get more information from official website about; the event, colour power they are using, type of clothing, safety and health, entry fee, ticket booking, other travelling information, do-n-don’ts, etc by yourself. This site is not responsible for any such events and issues. It is readers responsibility to collect more information and verify before attending such events.

Other references/related news:

Yes, We Are ONE!!


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~ Dining Etiquette : Basic European and American Table Manners

Learn  basic table manners from expert in these  small 16 clips. Also see the difference between European & American style of eating.

Part 1/16 – introduction

6/16 – The Napkin

8/16 – The Glass ware

16/16- Tips for the Toast

Source: Youtube, Google search , monkeysee , Basic dining etiquette youtube playlist by Nancy R. Mitchell, and other links in post.

~ Indian English Accents!!

English accent always has some impression of your native language. In India, each state has its own native language , so naturally it reflects on native’s English accent. Here is very interesting collection of “State wise English accents in India”. Listen carefully, you may find such accent when you are visiting to that particular state in India or meeting person from that region  🙂  Clip below has interview collections from various Indian celebrities, politicians, actors, authors, businessmen, news and media persons as per different states.

Sources: Google search, Youtube, and Wikipedia.

~ Plastic water bottle ‘Bulb’ using direct Sun-light!

Go Green!! See this incredible “green” idea of using waste plastic water bottle as light bulb using only direct sunlight and without using any electricity or solar panels. Such bulb can give 50-60 Watt power like an ordinary electric bulb!! This is not just limited to slums and non-cement slab roof tops but also for rich or affluent localities to promote this Green initiatives to reduce dependencies on fossil based polluted electricity generation technologies and to avoid pollutant gas emissions.

We can also save our electricity bill by using such bulbs  below stair-case, tilted roofs, Garage, Public Places, Factories, Toilets, Cattle shades, Poultry farms, Shops, Study rooms, Library, Hostels, Wedding halls, University, Window decoration, Hut type traditional hotels and cafe shops, corridors, passages, etc as per our creativity.

You can fix such bulbs not only at roof tops but on top of side walls too! such bulbs can be very useful in Asia, Africa, and Gulf where there are more sunny days available whole year and that to about 10- 12 hours each day!

Local Community or municipal Corporation should promote and nourish such green ideas in their region. This idea can be developed for future to find innovative future bulbs and decoration items. If developed properly, it has a potential to give birth to whole new green business eco-system!

More similar stories – here.  See other creative use of waste plastic bottle – here

Note: turn On “English” Caption (preferred language) at bottom right of clip.

  • Panasonic ecoidanet- Plastic water bottle “60-watt-bulb”

  • CCTV report – Battle Lights in Philippines

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Sources: Youtube, Google search, and links provided in the post.