Read this column for India as a Gobal player , basically India in Globalization!

  1. Indian Innovation: Hands-Free Wearable Computing Device
  2. Indian Innovation: World’s First Fully Automatic Roti (Tortilla) Maker
  3. Indian IT Business : Software Coding is not a Science!
  4. Price of Materialism!
  5. Watch impact of US government shutdown in 60 seconds!
  6. Inclusive Growth: Most Complex and Challenging Airport Construction Project In The World
  7. Family Vs Money : New Significance of Laxmi (Money) and Saraswati (Wisdom) in Life
  8. Sixth Sense Technology: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear SmartWatch
  9. Ganesh Festival 2013 Starts: Next 10 Days of Bliss
  10. Mumbai Dabbawala (Tiffin) Service: System That Challenged Six-Sigma Management Standards!
  11. Globalization: Understanding India’s Pattern
  12. Indian Approach To Business Management
  13. Household Food Waste to Energy: Award Winning Portable Biogas Plants
  14. Jugaad Innovation : From India To The World
  15. Famous TED talk @ Vedic Mathematics
  16. Reverse Innovation: New trend from Emerging to Developed countries
  17. How India Influenced West
  18. Tiger and Dragon : Discussion about “Chindia” – Part-3
  19. Meet ‘Chotu’ CEO!!
  20. “Baniya Bussiness” culture in India
  21. Tiger and Dragon : Discussion about “Chindia” – Part-2
  22. Tiger and Dragon : Discussion about “Chindia” – Part-1
  23. Famous TED Talks by Indian Speakers (Part 2) 
  24. $2 Billion Donation for Kid’s Education and Teacher’s training from Indian Billionaire Mr. Azim Premji 
  25. Gross National Happiness (GNH) or GDP : Which is better?
  26. Free Inspiring e-Books
  27. Late Marriage Trend Among Women in India and China
  28. Learn Credit Crisis/Recession in 15 minutes 
  29. Ghost Cities/Towns in Globalization
  30. India’s help to Eurozone and US economic crisis
  31. Best Indian Speakers at TED Talks
  32. What India Gave To The WORLD

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