~ NavRatri 9 Colours Dress Code and 9 Manifestations of Goddess Durga

See NavRatri 9 Colours Dress Code for 2017 Here

"Navratri 9 Different Colour Codes 2017 - Durga Pooja Festival"

HAPPY NAVRATRI to all…Awaken your Kundalini in next 9 days with 9 auspicious dress colour codes & worshiping 9 Maa Durga manifestations!

(see pictures & listen mantra below).

Hinduism celebrates both Male & Female Shakti (powers) and considers them in UNITY not separate (unlike western beliefs)…Navratri (nine nights) to celebrate Feminine supreme Shakti Goddess Maa Durga has arrived today to bless us.

In 2015, Navratri festival will be celebrated across Hindu homes from 13th to 22th October….Its a very big celebration across India and all goddess temples.

Like new Child is born after 9 months process, so next 9 days grow your Consciousness and finally on 10th day (Vijaya Dashami or Dasahara) experience your new birth in the form of ENLIGHTENMENT– the ultimate BLISS and blessing from Mother Goddess Durga!

Maa (mother) Durga is worshiped in following 9 different manifestations with specific significance and specified auspicious Sari/Dress Codes each day!

Note: Listen Peaceful but Powerful Kundalini Awekening Sanskrit Mantra for Goddess Durga after the pictures below.

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9-goddess-Durga-Menifestations 9-durga-Menifestiations-and-dress-color-codes

SHIV- SHAKTI UNITY (Male-Female Inner Divine Power)

Shiv-Shakti-Unity-Hinduism-FeminineSignificance of mother Goddess Durga powerIndiacurrents-durgaGoddess-Maa-Durga-Hinduism-Navaratri-Celebration9 Different Sari / Saree Colours Codes for Maa Durga worship

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LISTEN Powerful Durga Mantra for Kundalini Awekening

  • After basic Yoga & Pranayam (breathing) sit comfertably in Padmasan (lotus pose)

  • Close eyes and listen to this simple but powerful Mantra

  • Try to say it 108 times daily or as much you can

|| OMmmm Dum Durgaay  Namaha ||

Goddess-Durga-Feminine-HinduismImage Credit: india website, unatisilk and globindian
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