~ ‘Calendar Girls’ trailer: Dark side of Glamour World

When Reality (Truth) meets Illusion (Maya)! Director Madhur Bhandarkar, known for his Female oriented dramas, is back with big bang real life stories of 5 Glamorous Calendar Girls…who like many others falls to Maya (Illusion) of Lime-Light industry.

Movie Theme: Ambitious small town middle class girls fall into trap of lime light and “Wolfs of Glamour Industry”! How few models raise themselves after learning hard life lessons.

Madhur Bahndarkar, famous for his real life stories and sharp observations will take on illusionary Glamour Industry in new movie “Calendar Girls”, is releasing on 25th Sept 2015.

Madhur has directed about 12 movies and got many National & International awards.

His selected award winning movies with real life stories from different fields:

  • Chandani Bar (2001) – Life stories of Mumbai’s Dance Bar girls and their racket

  • Page 3 (2005) – News, Reporters and Media industry

  • Corporate (2006) – Corporate scams, dirty competitions

  • Traffic Signal (2007) – Fake Begger industry in India

  • Fashion (2008) – Life style of fashion industry

  • Jail (2009) – Police and Crimes

  • Heroine (2012)– Life story of an Bollywood Actress

  • Calendar Girls (2015) – Dark secrets of Glamour world with life story of 5 female models

Movie Trailer – Calendar Girls (2015)

  • Releasing on 25 Sept- 2015

Starring: Akanksha Puri, Ruhi Singh, Avani Modi, Satapura Pyne & Kyra Dutt in the lead roles as Calendar Girls.

Story & Direction: Madhur Bahndarkar


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Pics- Calendar Girls


Actress: Akanksha Puri, Ruhi Singh, Avani Modi, Satapura Pyne & Kyra Dutt in the lead roles. Movie Calendar Girls (2015)


Actress: Akanksha Puri, Ruhi Singh, Avani Modi, Satapura Pyne & Kyra Dutt in the lead roles as Calendar Girls (2015)

1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9Calendar Girls-

Actress: Akanksha Puri, Ruhi Singh, Avani Modi, Satapura Pyne & Kyra Dutt in the lead roles with Director MAdhur Bahndarkar during release of trailer of movie Calendar Girls (2015)


Director Madhur Bahndarkar

Madhur Bahndarkar- Calendar Girls-2015

Calender Girls-2015-Image Credits – Calendar Girls Movie Trailer, Madhur Bahndarkar Twitter, MangalMurti Films

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India’s #SelfieWithDaughter initiative becomes big hit Worldwide

India’s #SelfieWithDaughter initiative to celebrate being Proud Parent of Girl Child got huge response on social media worldwide!

As a part of India Govt’s “Educate Girls, Save Girls” campaign (#BetiBachaoBetiPadhao), PM Mr Narendra Modi urged parents to post Selfie with their daughter(s) to spread awareness Love and Happiness of being a proud Father/Mother of Girl child.

See many cute Selfies with Daughters:

SElfiewWithDaughter-3329selfie-daughter329selfie-daughter7SElfieWithDaughter-26 SelfieWithDaughter-4 SelfieWithDaughter-7 SElfieWithDaughter-7gjj8 SelfieWithDaughter-10 SElfieWithDaughter-16 SelfieWithDaughter-17 SelfieWithDaughter-19 SElfieWithDaughter-22 SElfieWithDaughter-23 SelfieWithDaughter-29  SelfieWithDaughter-34 SElfieWithDaughter-35 SElfieWithDaughter-36 SElfieWithDaughter-37 SElfieWithDaughter-38 SelfieWithDaughter-39 SelfieWithDaughter-41 SElfieWithDaughter-44 SElfieWithDaughter-45 SElfieWithDaughter-47 SElfieWithDaughter-56hu7 selfiewithdaughter-67 SElfieWithDaughter-67hu8 SElfieWithDaughter-68ntj SElfieWithDaughter-555 selfiewithdaughter-777 SelfieWithDaughter-889 SElfieWithDaughter-5557 SElfieWithDaughter-5678 SelfieWithDaughter-6678hh SElfiewithdaughter-6788 SElfieWithDaughter-7778 SelfieWithDaughter-dhdhdh6677 SElfieWithDaughter-fj787 selfiewithdaughter-hjhj778  SElfieWithDaughter-ModiSelfieWithDaughter-j7k88 Photo sources: PMO India, PM Narendra Modi , Twitter hashtag posts.. Sources: Google search, Twitter, FAcebook, PM Narendra Modi website, Time and all links in the post.

~ This is Women Empowerment ??

#MyChoice. Feminism propoganda worldwide is getting worst day by day!! Is adultery/hating other gender means empowerment? (See 2 clips and pics below ).

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