~ Social Experiment: How much street Begger earns?

Proves again India is not a Poor Country but Poorly Managed Country! Many Beggers (career?) in Indian cities earns more than any fresh Graduate! See short clip below, this interesting social experiment, an actor became one day Begger on Delhi street…This completely exposes the Begger Racket in India!

The actor in this clip earned double than what any fresh graduate in city will earn per month!

Message is clear – don’t fall for looks/dress of begger and avoid giving cash help to street begger before verifying whether he is actually ‘poor’…Avoid making fool of yourself by these thugs!

Irony, due to such ignorance, those who are really poor do not get much help…those who are into this Begger Racket only earns…

India should manage its resouces/help properly by going directly to those who needs them most.

Biased Western propoganda against India also blames that  Indian society has not enough kind people to help poor section …Indians don’t spend much on “Charity” like west!

Indian Culture which teaches serving/sharing one dish for street cows, animals and birds from their daily meal (see picture below clip), should not be gazed using western lense and defination of  ‘Charity’.

Indian ways are different, may not be well managed, scattered and more person-to-person help rather than organized way….

Also most importantly, Hindu philosophy believes not to show-off and don’t do any propoganda of your Seva-Dharma (shallow transaltion in english – Charity), else person will loose the fruit of his/her good Karma.

This makes more difficult to check society’s  Seva-Dharma. People may not discuss their help openly unlike Western PR campaign…Many Indians believe to keep doing their Good Karma without bragging…

Average indians definately are willing to help but such  middle men racket and many fake NGOs do not let it go to the needy!

How Much a Beggar Earns? (via IndiViral)

To see complete expose of street begging industry on Mumbai roads, there was famous Hindi /Bollywood movie called – “Traffic Signal” by famous director Mr MAdhur bhandarkar (see clip via Cinecurry).

Mother Earth is for all Creatures not just for human!

Image Source – indi Viral

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~ Rice Bucket Challenge: India’s Innovative Charity Chain substitutes Ice Bucket Challenge!

An innovative charity Chain where you can’t skip donation!! Brainchild of Hyderabad based Mrs. Manjulatha Kalanidhi, she decided to use social media in meaningful & compassionate way to help poor and needy, she swapped ICE challenge with RICE challenge…Here you Donate a bucket of RICE to poor, pass this challenge to friends and post your story at official Facebook @ RiceBucketChallenge & Twitter to continue the charity chain further.

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~ INDIA in 4 Minutes!

Satyamev Jayate  means ‘Truth Alone Prevails/Triumphs’, is a powerful Sanskrit Mantra/Phrase from Mundaka Upanishad. This beautiful & meaningful song features Indian Movie Superstar Aamir Khan ,who has travelled all over India to witness Diversity, Togetherness and Inclusiveness for his popular TV series- ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

Watch Diversity, Togetherness & Inclusiveness  in India People / Landscapes / Culture / Climate / Communities / Demography/ Faiths / Religions/ Architectures/ Geography

Satyamev Jayate Song featuring Aamir Khan (Via T-Series)

About Song/Album:

Satyamev Jayate TV show impact (as per official website “satyamevjayate.in” :

  • Connections (Viewers worldwide) : 1,249,400,319
  • Responses (Facebook/twitter/website): 14,972,514
  • Community Members: 9,319,034
  • Donations from viewers : Rs. 223,064,210 (about $ 4.5 millions)

Full details of TV Series @ Wikipedia  and @ Youtube (English Subtitles)

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River Ganga & Varanasi-India


Mr. Aamir Khan : Bollywood Superstar ,Host & Producer of Tv Series Satyamev Jayate

Image Credits: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aamir_Khan” and “facebook.com/India.IncredibleIndia” thali diversity- “facebook.com/India.IncredibleIndia”

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