~ What is Western Culture? See its impact on you…

Often some people argue What’s wrong being Western??

Well show them this video….What is a Western Culture and its impact on you!

Same thing if an Indian will tell…people don’t take him/her seriously…Probably 600 years of Colonization effect on mind!!…So share this video below by a westerner who is exposing his own culture!

What is Western Culture?

What’s wrong in being a Westerner?

See future impact if you change to Western Lifestyle!

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 Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) is 30000+ years old human civilization and still continuing even after 600 years of Abrahmic-Marxist attack…why?

Because of great founding fathers/mothers of Hindus i.e. our Hindu Rishis (Sages) and their teachings which Indians are still following….You can successfully survive all above video crap which comes from negative human mind. Great Hindu sages knew danger of Negative Mind (DNA) and its impact on society. So they showed us right way how to stay Positive and Happy and overcome all such Negative lifestyle propaganda emerges from negative or disturbed minds! Its like a mental disease….

With all hard works and pain, Hindu Rishis (Sages) documented complete Life science benefited to humans and  shared their ultimate wisdom through over 1180+ Hindu Scriptures like Vedas, Upanishadas, Aranakays, Brahmans, and Itihasas (Ramayan and Mahabharata documentation),etc….

Hindu Scriputures Photo: venupayyanur.com

A complete “stay Positive way of Hindu Lifestyle”…and getting rid of any such Negative culture….

Upgrade yourself with Hindu lifestyle which will help you to move UP in Evolution not downwards (Involution)….

Move your energy to 7th Chakra (Evolution) upwards towards Mind not to 1st Chakra (Involution)….Free yourself by any Negative propaganda!

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Read: Library of Hindu Scriptures

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Read: Science behind Yoga and Pranayama

Hindu Veda Scripture’s tips to stay Positive:

Show Respect, Gratitude, Belongingness and Compassion to all creatures….

Every DNA (Aatman) on planet is Divine and Priceless….protect yourself and others (Human, Plants, animals, living Species)….

Do Good Karma…

Do Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation…

Be Positive…

Be Good Practicing Hindu…

Save yourself, your Family, your Kids…your Nation from this Western horror!

Image:  %PaulJosephWatsonYoutubeChannel

Source: %PaulJosephWatsonYoutubeChannel. youtube, google search and links in the post.


~ Most awaited movie from India – Baahubali 2 Trailer

After huge success worldwide and ending first part on high note “Why Katappa killed Baahubali?”  (movie characters)…”Bahubali 2″ Trailer is out..movie will release on 28 April 2017…No surprize..Trailer got 8 million+ hits within 12 hours! 😀

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~ Mumbai Central Railway station got FREE Wi-Fi via RailTEL-Google partnership

Lage Raho India!
As part of Govt’s ambitious #DigitalIndia initiative connecting 1.25 billion Indians….now  “Aamchi” Mumbai got FREE Indian RailWire Wi-Fi from today!

Indian Railways compamy RailTel in partnership with Google-India will provide high speed FREE Wifi (RailWire) to 400 big Railway stations across India….People loving the high speed for FREE

Mumbai Central RailWire Wifi: Waiting for your train in Mumbai? How about stream

Follow updates on Twitter @RailTel  @DigitalIndia

Additionally, Indian Railway has now its own indegeneous company RailTEL connecting all its railway stations and offices, which means 45000 KM strong high speed fiber network across India covering 4500 Town and Cities. This is additional to already available State owned BSNL.


BTW, Google Inc CEO Mr Sundar Pichai is from Chennai-India..so he has already inaugurated first facility to Chennai already 🙂

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi shakes hands with Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the Google campus in Mountain View, CaliforniaBelow: Railway Minister Mr Suresh Prabhu inaugerating FREE Wi-fi at Mumbai Central Railway Station- 22 Jan 2015.

Mumbai-Central-Wi-fiIndia is building its own indegeneous optic fibre network all across India, which is one of the largest networks in the world!

India is among very few countries which has its own optic fibre lines via unerground sea network connecting  whole of the earth!

India-Optic-Fiber-Network-GlobeIndian Govt also providing all major Tourist destinations with FREE Wi-fi in few months in partnership with State owned BSNL.

READ-Taj Mahal becomes FREE Wi-fi destiantion

How RailTel FREE Wi-Fi works:

RailTel-GoogleIndia-Free-WifiRailTel Steps-RailTel RailWire-Google-India-Free-WiFi


Image Credit: Google India, Reuters-Indianexpress, Rail Ministry india, Twitter.

Sources: Indian Railways, Google India, Tata Communications, Twitter, Google search and all links in the post.

~ Copying Consumerism: China Opens World’s Largest Commercial Building

In china, building BIG is sign of Success!!…Chengdu, 4th largest city in China with population of 40 millions (4 Crores), now has world’s commercial building “New Century Global Centre” , size of 329 football fields, can accommodates 20 Sydney Opera buildings inside!

Size of this Mall is 1.9 million sq meters or more than 20 million sq ft (1 million = 10 lakhs). It has…

  • 150 + Malls/Outlets inside!

  • Indoor Aquarium,

  • Indoor Artificial Beach

  • Indoor Water park

  • LCD screen of 150 m (50 Storage high) i.e more than Statue of Liberty (30 storage high)

  • Indoor 5 Star hotel

China Opens World’s Largest Commercial Building

Read further Copying: Now China copies whole European City!

On the other side, by creating world’s biggest construction bubble for faster growth/GDP figures to “Catch/Copy West” mindless rush, ordinary Chinese people seems to be lagging behind the plan…They have to borrow to buy all this high-price places leaving behind their ancestors towns/farmlands, etc to work as labors in big newly constructed cities.

 Read: Ghost Cities & Towns across the World

Such cities now has majority Middle Class people i.e. low-Consumption but high class city malls?? Result will be this…

Urban Decay – Ghost Malls & Ghost City at Tianjin-China

Bad Construction – Topple buildings in China

People fear faulty Escalators at Shopping Malls in China

Newly built Bullet Train Accident in China

– FYI…Japanese Shinkansen Bullet Train, which has carried over 10 billion passengers since launched in 1964, is only bullet train service in the world without any accident!

All this is happening because of mindless fad of Copy West Consumerism agenda leaving behind beautiful 5000+ years’ Chinese legacy & culture…To understand why this Boom & Doom is happening in China or in West, we need to understand 2 basic approaches of human development, a country adopts, which directly depends on its Faith/ Belief systems…

West (Top-Bottom) Vs East (Bottom-Up) Lifestyle:

  •  Top-Bottom approach – Western (Abrahmic 2500+ years traditions)

  • Bottom-Top approach – Eastern/Indian (Dharmic 12000+ years traditions)

In Top-Down approach, top leaders/rulers/Elites plan lifestyle for masses as per their Agenda followed by Propaganda & PR machineries…This approach might be suitable for Western Abrahmics traditions but not eastern Sanatan Dharmic Traditions (Hinduism/Buddhist/Jains/Sikhs) in Asia, where generally Bottom-UP approach works i.e. people decides what they want, rulers/politicians/leaders must plan policies accordingly!

Another important belief comparison, Western Abrahmic tradition focuses more on Objective things than Subjective….Eastern/Indian Dharmic tradition focuses more on Subjective things than Objective!

Thus BIG construction (Objective / visually) or Expensive Project means Good in Abrahmic tradition…not necessarily  true for Dharmic tradition. Dharmic way says, if Big is needed build it, if not required don’t waste resources just for Objective show-off!

 Since last 5000+ years China is like India’s cultural brother & partner with presence of ancient Hinduism/Buddhism (Dharmic) lifestyle, which is Bottom-Up approach….

 Read: India and China shared 50 to 70% of World’s GDP from 0 AD till 1850 AD

Suddenly, since last 30 years, China tried to copy West (Abrahmics Top-bottom) & trying to destroy last 5000 years of social lifestyle without analyzing impact on Social, Emotional & Economical level on people.

Such transformations from “Bottom-Top” to “Top-Bottom” should take slowly in 100 years only if people demands for it… else it would be stressful & wasteful for country.

Ancient Hindu civilization had well planned cities with underground drainage system, planned houses and water channels to every home, etc as per their need.

See Dholavira-Gujarat excavations in India or Mohanjodaro-Harappa cities flourished on the banks of Saraswati & Sindhu Rivers (what west deliberately propagates it as separate Indus civilization to break it from continuous 12000+ years old mother Hindu civilization).

Read: 4700 years old planned Hindu city discovered at Dholavira India

In 19th century, Chandigadh and Gandhinagar planned cities (typical western Top-Bottom approach) were built in India during British time, but till date they couldn’t be important cities in India…However, well planned areas or new suburbs, as per people’s demand (Bottom-Top approach), near big City are popular in Indian cities like Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) or Delhi-NCR, or in Banglaloru, Hydrabad, etc…

Recently, Lavasa near Pune/Mumbai was built as planned city (Top-Bottom approach) in heart of Sayandri hills and riverside, but it is not yet popular as it’s far away from old city. It is now just weekend hangout spot for Pune people to see landscapes and riverside!…Kinnda Ghost city of India??

Lavsa City-near Pune

See- India plans to upgrade top 100 cities as SMART cities as per demand

Hope Indians are learning lessons from this…mindless copying of West is a disaster!

Yes..this also shows too much Materialism & Consumerism destroys civilization!

Read: Gross National Happiness (GNH) or GDP : Which is better ?

Still confuse what to do?? ….Go deep into self-Inquiry and then decide your future path….

Do Deep Meditation- Close Eyes & listen powerful OM vibration….soon you’ll get your answer from within!

OM-India-Hinduism-Deep-Meditation-SpiritualityImage Credit: Screen shot from CBS & OM chanting clips above

Sources: youtube, wikipedia, CBS news, google search, celebrity gossip, OM poem is a comment by SpartanGuts on above youtube clip shared.

~ Diwali Festival: Indian Fashion and Make up…

Wish You & Family a Very Happy Diwali…Diwali or Deepavali (means lighting row of lamps on darkest night of year) is biggest Hindu festival for victory of Positivity over Negativity, is being celebrated for 5 days in 2015 on November – 9, 10, 11, 12, 13th by Hindus all across the world.

Watch beautiful videos by an Indian lady at her You tube Channel…showing Ladies Traditional Dresses, Make up, Fashion accessories, etc for Diwali festival…

10000+ years old Indian culture by default adopts latest things keeping old Philosophy in its pure form completely intact i.e. MODERNIZATION withought WESTERNIZATION. Check below – New Diwali Fashion,Make-up & Lifestyle….

In 2015 Diwali is celebrated on following days, has various Spiritual & Historical, & Scientific significance…

Families, Relatives and Friends come together for a week to celebrate Diwali. There will be shopping, fashion, colorful decorations, oil lamps lighting each day, family Prayers, sharing Gifts, Nice Food, Dance, Fun Games, visiting temples, Donations, Giving charity, etc….

Diwali is a complete Mega-Festival Package of spreading Positivity, Bliss, Happiness, Compassion, Belongingness, Interpersonal bonding, Pampering & Love from Family and Elders along with Spiritual process of Hindu Goddess Laxmi worship & other prayers.

Day 1 (Nov 9) : Dhanatrayodashi

– Auspicious day for Metal buying, worshiping God Dharnvantari for giving life saving Ayurveda (herbal) knowledge to mankind.

Day 2 (Nov 10): Narak-chaturdashi

– Early morning before sunrise Royal bath with oil message & Sandal scented paste followed by family prayers & temple visit.

Day 3 (Nov 11): Deepavali-Goddess Laxmi Pooja/ worship

– Most significant day. Its a darkest night in year..Goddess Laxmi is worshiped- to bring Luck, Prosperity and Wealth…followed by greeting each others, lighting lamps, decoration, food, playing games , fireworks, all night Spiritual songs and dance.

Day 4 (Nov 12): Padwa & Govardhan Pooja

– Husband-Wife or Spouse Day….strengthen bond between spouses and other family members…praying for good health, happiness to all by sharing gifts and blessings.

Day 5 (Nov 13): Bhai Duj

– Sister-Brother Day…to increase Love & Respect bonding between siblings, sharing gifts, followed by family prayers, food, gifts, fireworks, family indoor fun games till late night.

Diwali Make up – 1

Diwali Make up – 2

Indian GRWM Hair & Makeup

Introduction to Indian Cloths & Shopping Tips

Gorgeous Indian lady is explaining all kinds of Indian Traditional ladies dresses – Anakalis, Sarris, Ghagras, Tops and Fashion accessories- Bangles, Ear Rings along with shopping tips!

Hindu Traditional Dance: Fashion & Make up

Beautiful Hindu Wedding

Getting ready for Indian Festival or Wedding

Pics-Diwali Make up and FashionIndian-hindu-diwali-shopping-1

Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (1) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (3) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (4) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (5) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (6) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (7) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (8)  Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (10) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (11) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (12) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (14) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (15)1-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle 2-back up jewellery-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 3-Bindi Box-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 4-Ear-Rings-Diwali-Hindu-Indian-makeup 5-Iron Outfit-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 6-Jewellery-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 7-mehandi-hands-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 8-Pack Bangles-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 9-Payal-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 10-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 11-Pack Makeup-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 12-Handbag-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 13-Ear-rings-Hindu-Indian-make-up-diwali-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival Diwali-fashion-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival Diwali-fashion-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-sari-saree Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-1 Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (1) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (2) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (3) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (4) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (5) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (6) indian-cloths-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival Indian-hindu-diwali-fashion 14 15 Hindu-Dress-Diwali-make-up-India-1 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-1 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-Wedding-1 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-Wedding-2 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-Wedding-3 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-Wedding-4 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-Wedding-5diwali-make-up-india-hindu-woman-Happy-Diwali-Greeting  Hindu-Diwali-FEstival-Navratri-Dance-1 Hindu-Diwali-Navaratri-Garba-Dance Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (9) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (16)Happy-Diwali-Greeting

Image credits: screenshots form above clips

Sources: KaushalBeautyVideos, google search, and all links in the post.


~ Flash Mob in Saree :)


Creative, Stunning,Amazing First ever Flash Mob in Saree/Sari held in New Delhi 🙂


Bollywood actresses celebrating Hindu fasting festival “Karvachauth”- one day fast and prayers to deepen Husband-Wife bond…


First Flash Mob in Saree at Mall in New DelhiIndian-Saree-Flash-Mob-Sari-Hindu-women

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