~ Make In India: Electronic giant FOXCONN to invest $5 billions in Maharashtra State, will create 50000 Jobs

Giving boost to Government’s #MakeInIndia initiative, with single largest investment plan, world electronics giant FOXCONN will invest about Rs 35000 Crores ($5 billion USD) in western state of Maharashtra in India.

India is one of largest electronics markets and expected to be $400 billion USD by 2022 from ~$75 billion in 2015.

FOXCONN, $130 billion Taiwanese multinational, is World’s largest Electronics Contractor Manufacturer and 3rd largest IT company by revenue.

Company will start R&D centre, Software-Hardware integration plant, hardware manufacturing and green housing city for employees in 1500 Acres land at Pune (near Mumbai).

When asked why the chosen Maharashtra state over other locations, Foxconn chaiman Mr Terry Gou praised Maharashtra CM (see 3rd Video) for his Leadership, Hardwork, Efficiency, fast Decision Making and Passion to facilitate Foxconn to invest in his State than other options!

Maharashtra state Chief Minister Mr Devendra Fadnavis said FOXCONN will provide direct jobs to 50000 people (scalable upto 300000) in state.

Foxconn is world’s supplier of leading brands – BlackBerry, Xiomi, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U to name few.

Its a very unique “Soft-Hard” ware tie up for Indian Techies as India is one of the largest suppliers of Software Technology and FOXCONN is largest in Hardware manufacturer.

Make in India gets a Boost – Foxconn to Invest $5 Billion in Maharashtra

Foxconn Says Looking at Long Term Investments in India (#MakeInMaharashtra)

CM Devendra Fadnavis- signing of 5 billion dollar MoU between GoM & Foxconn, with Press announcement

FOXCONN-India-MOU-Press-MeetFoxconn-IndiaRelated News:


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Image Source: ET news clip above

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~ Life Lessons: Why China’s Market crashed by $3 trillion in July 2015

Know in 7 minutes, why China’s market crashed and its impact on World!

Materialism/Greed  is distroying whole Western  civilization, why Asians are also running after this Crap Self-destructive Culture?

Follow safe & proven Traditional (non-stock based) investments i.e Gold-Family-Land and save yourself…

Sad, about 90 million (9 Cr) middle class Chinese lost over $3 trillions in 2 weeks by crashing Stock over  30% (more than 2008 US crash in such short period)! Many also took heavy loan to invest in stock!

Mr Chris Chappel of ‘China Uncensored’ on Market Carsh July 2015

Image credit: Screen Shot from clip
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~ Globalization: Winning In Emerging Markets (India)

Win in India , it will make sure your win at other emerging markets!! What is the secret of being successful in emerging markets? Why some foreign companies are very successful in Indian market & some can’t do well? Mr. Ravi Venkatesan, a Purdue Eng. Masters/Harvard MBA graduate, former Chairman of Microsoft India & Cummins India, is revealing his experience and some contents from his famous book Conquering The Chaos: Win In India, Win Everywhere”  (Harvard Business Review Press) in this popular TEDx Talk:

Mr. Ravi Venkatesan on Winning In India – TEDx GolfLinksPark

Latest (June 2013) talk- Mr. Ravi Venkatesan at a Conference

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~ Watch impact of US government shutdown in 60 seconds!

Many in the world learned new term this week i.e. government ‘Shutdown’. Indians are equally surprized to know about this! We thought such things happens only in our country!! 🙂  Watch this BBC news clip (just 60 seconds) to understand  impact of Government shutdown on people!

BTW one thing is sure, current worldwide economic crisis/recession is going to stay for longer time than expected…So, be prepared!!

Watch, what is this and how it will impact common citizen?

BBC News: US Government shutdown in 60 seconds (Via News Store)

Shutdown Pictures: 


SHUTDOWN! Source: HDwallpapersinn


Crowd with slogan. Photo:HDwallpapersinn

Image sources: “hdwallpapersinn.com/government-shutdown.html”

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