~ Emerging Economies and Future of the New World

A must watch talk!…Dr. Jagdish Sheth, an Indian-American Scholar , Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Goizueta Business School of Emory University, USA and author of many bestseller books including “Chindia Rising”, is giving very informative insights and his analysis on emerging economies & future of the world in this century onwards.

Dr Jagdish has described very significant belief system, quotes and information important to all future human beings living in this new future new world.

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~ Tiger and Dragon : Discussion About “Chindia” – Part 3

Part 3 from series of discussions about “Chindia” (term derived to understand China and India together) in current rapidly changing era of Globalization.

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  • Mapping the future of countries (Mr. Parag Khanna)

He is a Geopolitical expert, full details at TED site here

  • New Market : Chindia and US business

Speaker: Mr. Jagdish Sheth, Author of the book ‘Chindia Rising‘.Extract from this book at Rediff. Also, available at Google Books and Amazon  for buying.Host: Mr.John Bersia , UCFTV.

  • Down the ages: China and India

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