~ Decolonizing the Indian Civil Services…. #UPSC #IAS #IFS #IPS

MUST SEE video with slides exposing western funded Abrahmic-Marxist self-proclaimed Post-modernist /Liberal/ Intellectual/ Left Wing  people’s deep rooted intervations in Indian Civil Service Examination and overall Education!

MUST SEE for IAS /IPS / IFS /UPSC / Civil service aspirants in India.

Famous Indian American Best-seller Author, Researcher Mr Rajiv Malhotra on Decolonizing the Indian Civil Services

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Video Slides for reference:

Now see how Abrahmic-Marxist invaders from Eorope & Arab gave so much Peace , Love, Ethic, Morality, Rights , Social Laws, Economy to Indians in their  500 years of stay…

Made India from No 1 GDP in the world  till 18th century with 33% share to less than 1%…British went from 0 to 5% with loot!

Read: History of different Country’s GDP  in last 2000 years

There is no child labor laws for Masters okay!….yeah…

Over 10000 tigers were killed just for fun! There is no Animal Rights , Environment laws, Global Warming thing for “Ethical” “Moral” “Civilized” Masters okay? uhhh

Bengal Famine in 18th century by invader Europe-British killed millions people in India out of  starvation as all Indian food is exported to Europe as “Stock”!…So much human rights, civilization, values , human rights given to Indians by European Masters!


OM Shanti Shanti Shanti….

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~ Why Modern Art is so Ugly: Implications on individual Psyche and Society

Modern Ugly Art, is another product of western Anglo-Saxon/Marxist education system to create confusion what is Right and Wrong, which ultimately leads to Chaos in society! (see interesting clips & pics below).

Justifying anything under argument of Freedom of Speech/Expression has created this confusion in western society and their dumb Indian followers (slaves)!

Since last few decades Western Anglo-Saxon education is creating great confusion among people between Right and Wrong doing…Argument is given whatever you think and do is GOOD/RIGHT, it’s your Human Right…without properly analyzing its impact on self, society and world.

This situation in India we refer as justifying Adharma in the name of Dharma (read Bhagwad Gita for detail arguments and clarifications).

Why Modern Art is deliberately made UGLY? See its impacts on Mind, Thinking Action on Person & Society...

Watch- Robert Florczak of Prager University exposing – Why Modern Art is So Bad

English subtitles available, click CC at bottom

Creating further confusion- Bad Art is not Bad!!

A tour of “Museum of Bad Art” Somerville, MA-USA

In Hinduism/India, Art is integral part of Hindu Yogic way of life (Sanatan Dharma)…

Hindu Art itself is YOG – union of Aatma-Body-Mind-Consciousness-Cosmos!

Day to day Hindu life is full of Art e.g. Rangoli or Kolam (also Wall Drawings/ Homemade Crafts etc)…

Every Hindu home and Temple draws Rangoli/ Kolam outside front door as a sign of welcoming Luck, Prosperity, Auspiciousness and for coming guest.

Rangoli/ Kolam – is objective reflection of Beautiful, Positive, Stable and Peaceful Mind of Artist (especially Hindu ladies living in that house).

Similarly for Art/ Rangoli/ Kolam viewer, its soothing and peaceful experience as image puts certain positive reflection on mind….makes mind calm, peaceful and stable… attains blissful experience /mood.

Beautiful Rangoli/ Kolam at Hindu homes:

– Click any pic to see slideshow

On contrary, Ugly and disturbing images/Art creates Negative impact on Mind, Thinking, Mood and Action!

So, Art is not just creativity but has long term impact on society – both on Artist and Viewers…This applies to Music, Movies, TV, Dance, Sculptures and all forms of Arts…..

You are free to Choose Positivity or Negativity through Art / Music / Dance/ Creativity….depending on your Karma your life and society around you will take its shape and you will face the Consequences of your Action…

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Rangoli-Kolam-Hindu-Woman-Drawing-India (1)Image Credit- From clip, Twitter photos, Snydle-com, Indiatimes website

Sources: Prager University, Youtube, Twitter, India times, Google Search, and all links in the post.