~ New Love Anthem: Live in my Arms…

s17Love me in such a way
Which I should never forget…

s6-love-bollywood-indiaLife has brought us here,
Must have some Plan for us…


This is my Wish,
On this special Night here,
Come (LIVE) IN MY ARMS and forget rest of the world…

These moments right now,
They are very special,
Come IN MY ARMS and forget rest of the world… ds2
Walk the paths with me,
Hold my hand and keep walking,

Whatever time you are able to get,
Spend all with me…

This is my desire,
O beloved….
Come LIVE YOUR LIFE IN MY ARMS and  forget this whole world….

s11s14s13 s12

Above is English translation of beautiful new romantic Hindi song from Shivaay -“Meri Bahon Mein Duniya Bhulade (Darkhast)” below….Note stunning cinemaography!

Actors: Ajay Devgn and Erika Kar (Polish Actress)
Singers:Arijit Singh and Sunidhi chauhan
Album: Shivaay (2016)
Music: Mithoon
Hindi Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri
Other Lyrics list: krazylyrics and T-series

HINDI LYRICS: Meri Bahon Mein Duniya Bhulade (Darkhast)

Is qadar tu mujhe pyar kar
Jise kab hi na main sakoon phir bhula

Zindagi laayi humein yahaan
Koi iraada toh raha hoga bhala

Ke darkhaast hai yeh
Jo aayi raat hai yeh

Jo ab lamhaat hain yeh
Bade hi khaas hain yeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de

Raahon mein mere saath chal tu
Thaame mera haath chal tu
Waqt jitna b hi ho haasil
Saara mere naam kar tu

Waqt jitna bhi ho haasil
Saara mere naam kar tu

Ke armaan hai yeh
Guzaarish jaan hai yeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhulade

Jo ab lamhaat hain yeh
Jo ab lamhaat hain yeh
Bade hi khaas hain yeh
Bade hi khaas hain yeh

Tu meri b aahon mein duniya bhulade

Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhulade
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhulade


Ke darkhwast hai yeh
Jo aayi raat hai yeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhulade…..


Image Sources: Ajay Devgn Twitter,Facebook,T-series
Sources: Ajay Devgn production, T-series, Twitter,FAcebook, krazylyrics, Youtube, and all links in the post.


~ Painter’s LOVE dilemma…

Moment in Painter’s life when he could’t figure out whether he  LOVES his Dream Painting more or Model….
Beautiful Poem/Lyrics in english below…

  • Song – Kaisi Hai Ye Rut
  • Film – Dil Chahta Hai (My heart’s wish) – 2001
  • Singer – Srinivas
  • Lyricist – Javed Akhtar
  • Music Director – Shanker, Ehsaan, Loy
  • Actors: – Akshay Khanna, Dimple Kapadia
  • Music On – T-Series
  • IMDB Rating: 8.2/10

Pics: Painter’s LOVE Dilemma
Lyrics : english translation
Indian-Painters-love-Poem-English-Tranlslation-BpllywoodIndian-Painters-love-1 Indian-Painters-love-2 Indian-Painters-love-3 Indian-Painters-love-4 Indian-Painters-love-5 Indian-Painters-love-6 Indian-Painters-love-7Painting Indian-Painters-love-8

Image Credit: Dil chahata hai movie, T-sries, bollynookPage

Sources: TitanicPaiting Youtube Screenshot,Dil chahata hai, youtube, IMDB, Excel cinema, BollynookPage, google search and all links in the post.

~ Hopelessly Romantic Confused Lover!

Confused Lover swings between – “Love is Too Much” and “Too Much is not Enough”….

But, …where Love is concerned…Too Much. is not Enough!

This song is supposedly one of irritating advts on YouTube video start…Many just Skip it…but song is not that bad!  🙂

Watch Short Love story of a hopelessly romantic confused Lover featuring model/bollywood actress Ms ??? (who is this beauty) and song by punjabi singer Mr Shael Oswal..

Confusion, Fights, Patch Up, Extreme Emotions, Imaturity, Dumbness….Love!

Note: English subtitles available, turn it on at bottom of video

Song: Abhi Abhi

Singer:- Shael Oswal

Music :- Vidyut Goswami

Lyrics:- Vimal Kashyap

Actors: Ms ??? and Mr Shael Oswal

In Pictures: Confused Love

A-Too much-Love B-Confused-LoveC-I-Love-youD-i-hate-You E-Confused-Love-Break-up F-Confused-Love-6 F-Love G-Confused-Love- H-Love-Too-Much I-Love-Space J-Love-Kiss-Me K-Love L-Love Love Love-Cover Love-Romantic-SOng-IndiaToo-Much-Is not enough


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Images: From clip Sources: Shael Oswal official Videos, google search, and all links in the post.

~ Listening Inner Silence…

Have you ever experience the Inner Silence? Feel it when you are Lonely, Alone, even in Crowd! Did you listen what it says? Have you ever dive deep into inner consciousness sea to understand what your soul says? Here is English translation of beautiful Shayari (Poetry) from Hindi movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara on experiencing the INNER SILENCE…

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~ Side Effects of Love!

Listen this beautiful Indo-Western fusion music, a nice fusion of Indian Classical Ragas/folks and Western style music, from Bollywood movie Pyar Ke Side Effects (2006) means  Side Effects of Love . Also, see some of funny side effects of love below 🙂

Love has side effects & things becomes more complicated if an Ordinary, Unemployed,  ‘Unsuccessful Struggler’ Guy & Rich, Hot, ‘Successful Struggler’ Girl loves each other!!

This is a romantic comedy story of an average unemployed  Mumbai Guy Mr. Sid, who also scares to marriage/commitment and a rich successful Delhi girl Ms. Trisha .


Actor Rahul Bose in Pyar Ke side Effects (2006)

Here are some of Side effects of Love ( also showed in movie):

  • You start doing stupid & dumb things 😛

  • Even if you are terrible dancer, you’ve to dance just to please her! 😀

  • You become possessive / obsessed (strange feeling which you’ve never experienced before)

  • You become more useless / loose focus from goals 😐

  • You don’t feel to stay long in college/office anymore

  • Now you don’t have much time for your best friends/family, still you don’t’ feel guilty!

  • You become more shameless 🙂

  • Love disturbs your routine (bachelor) life

  • Mind is always in some deep thinking phase

  • You go away from day-to-day reality

  • Starts lying even to dear ones , which you’ve never done before! 😐

  • You are in your own world, away from whats happening around

  • You are a changed person (turns good or bad)

  • You’ve to convince your/her parents & give critical answers to all  complicated queries! 😐

  • Emotional outbursts becomes routine 😦

  • You start Smiling and Talking to yourself in public or even when alone 😀

  • You no longer fantasize your favourite movie stars

  • Head is always occupied by ‘hatke’/ different / unnecessary thoughts

  • You realize someone else is more important for you than yourself! 🙂


Its Complicated – Ordinary guy Mr. Sid & Rich successful Ms.Trisha . Photo:glamsham.com

About Song/Movie:

Song – Jaane Kya Chahe Man (Don’t know what heart wants)
Album/ Movie :  Pyar Ke Side Effects (2006)
Movie theme: Romntic Comedy
Music: Pritam
Singer Zubeen Garg
Actors: Rahul Bose , Mallika Sherawat
Song Label : T-Series
Producer: Pritish Nandy

Image credits: “glamsham.com/download/wallpaper/4536/pyaar-ke-sideeffects-wallpapers/8830.htm” and still from clip

Sources: Google search, Glamsham, T-series, Pritish Nandi, Wikipedia, Facebook and all other links mentioned in the post.