~ Hopelessly Romantic Confused Lover!

Confused Lover swings between – “Love is Too Much” and “Too Much is not Enough”….

But, …where Love is concerned…Too Much. is not Enough!

This song is supposedly one of irritating advts on YouTube video start…Many just Skip it…but song is not that bad!  🙂

Watch Short Love story of a hopelessly romantic confused Lover featuring model/bollywood actress Ms ??? (who is this beauty) and song by punjabi singer Mr Shael Oswal..

Confusion, Fights, Patch Up, Extreme Emotions, Imaturity, Dumbness….Love!

Note: English subtitles available, turn it on at bottom of video

Song: Abhi Abhi

Singer:- Shael Oswal

Music :- Vidyut Goswami

Lyrics:- Vimal Kashyap

Actors: Ms ??? and Mr Shael Oswal

In Pictures: Confused Love

A-Too much-Love B-Confused-LoveC-I-Love-youD-i-hate-You E-Confused-Love-Break-up F-Confused-Love-6 F-Love G-Confused-Love- H-Love-Too-Much I-Love-Space J-Love-Kiss-Me K-Love L-Love Love Love-Cover Love-Romantic-SOng-IndiaToo-Much-Is not enough


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Images: From clip Sources: Shael Oswal official Videos, google search, and all links in the post.

~ Alcohol consumption has different effects on Women

Alcohol, technically its URINE (pee) of Bacteria or Fungus, damages more to Women than Men! Following eye opener Researches (see clips below) proved that Alcohol drinking affects more to Women body than Male body!

Alcohol consumption is bad for anyone, but it seems biologically there isn’t natural Equality!

No moral policing, understand only practical and scientific facts below! Watch some researches /discussions across the world on Women and Alcoholism in US, UK, Europe etc below and then a very effective solution or alternative to drinking/boozing by Mr. Khurshed Batliwala (Art of Living Teacher, Bangalore, India) at the end.

Effects of Alcohol on body and mind which creates problems on overall Lifestyle:

  • Insanity on rise

  • Psycho attitude

  • High risk of Breast Cancer

  • Depression and mind related issues (Anger, Ego, Self-centered)

  • Affects Emotions (EQ)

  • Incraeses risks of Suicidal Tendencies

  • Broken Relationships – loved ones feel irritated thus might not wish to be there forever

  • Bad career – couldn’t make/maintain relationships at work places

  • Diseases – Kidney, Liver, high sugar, BP, obesity, etc

  • Lack of proper decision making– IQ related (what is Right/Wrong to herself)

  • Trouble in Pregnancy (also health issue in kids and their health)

  • Fast Aging

  • Bad breath, body odor,stinking ,etc

  • Drink n Drive accident cases

  • Exploitations – Physical,Assaults,Emotional, Economical  by others

In recent years, this Bacteria Urine drinking cult has stroked Indian Women too! This week on 10th June 2015, a Mumbai women lawyer hit taxi at mid-night with her Audi killing 2 people, has opened a can of worm regarding Alcoholism debate on mainstream media, especially addiction among some young & Mid-age Women.

Read (MumbaiMirror): Drunk Lawyer’s Audi rams on Taxi in Mumbai, killing two

In other recent famous case Bollywood Actor Salman Khan got 5 years of jail for Drunk-n-Drive accident killing 1 and injuring 5 on Mumbai road, is out on Bail, case is pending in higher court.

History of Alcohol introduction in India:

Bharat or Bharat-Varsha (real Sanskrit name of India which means People devoted to Knowledge/Truth/Dharma) was nearly teetotaler nation till 1716. Alcohol and similar type of addictions which takes away human life focus and moves towards insanity is prohibited in inner-mind-science based Yogic lifestyle i.e. Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) culture.

During British invasion, European named Edward Dyer set up India’s first brewery in Kasauli-Shimla (Himachal Pradesh state) in 1830, with brand name – Lion (later became Dyer Breweries Incorporation).

After making foolish Indians addictive and dependant on this dirty habit of drinking Bacteria Pee, later, many Breweries was set up in India, Burma and Sri-lanka, etc and now various other Indian and international brands are serving this Concentrated Urine a.k.a. Alcohol Drinks!

Yes, similar to this; many bad habits and social segregations were introduced by self proclaimed “Civilized” Arabic/Turkish and British/Europeans (who learnt first time in their history to take bath and brush teeths daily from Hindus after invasions) in Bharat (India) between 15th-19th century. Some foolish western slave mindset Indians still in ignorant phase could not get rid of these colonized intoxications of Mind and Body even after 60 years of Indian independence!

MUST watch various researches and discussions on effects of Alcohol on Women’s Body and Mind, which is different than Men.

Last video shows interesting alternative to Boozing and Alcoholism.

Women & Alcohol presented by Ms. Mina McVeigh

Long interactive session with many Women, but worth watching….

Impact of Alcoholism on Women’s Health

 Alcohol: A Women’s health issues (NIH-USA research)

UK’s famous documentary on effect of Women drinkers on UK society, family life, economy

Tonight: Britains Secret Drinkers

Rogers – Addictions Unplugged – Women and Alcohol – April 2014

Drunk n Drive cases on rise in USA. Watch its bad effects on Women and society.

Dangerous relationship between women and alcohol

Ratio- 1 Glass of Drink to Women is equal to 1.5 for Men to get high!!

Middel age women drinkers in UK and their issues to come out and speak up.

Alcohol Abuse By Women On The Rise – Middle-Aged Drinking Takes Toll on ‘Ladettes’

Substitute to Alcohol addictions, see these simple techniques of Breathing ,Yoga, and Meditation (Spirituality)

Alternative to Boozing/Drinking by Mr. Khurshed Batliwala (Art Of Living-Bangalore teacher)

Spread the word. Help your near and dearones from this bad habit of [Bacteria’s Urine] Drinking!!

Women-Diagram EffectsOnBody Women-1Men-Women   Image sources: grandparents,harrogatesanctuaryblog, clinicalcorrelations,healthline,cdcGov,CASE, Sources: Wikipedia, google search, art of living, youtube and all links in the post.

~ Love You Maa (Mom)…

Only Mother Can Give What She Doesn’t Have…Thank you for your Unconditional Love and Support Maa (Mom)….Watch below a beautiful, heart warming, touching musical tribute to Mother… ❤ ❤ ❤

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~ Wisdom on Relationships!

Famous Spiritual leader Mr. Shri Shri Ravishankar, founder of Art of Living – world’s largest organization for stress-free life & world peace,  is sharing great wisdom about relationships/marriages — “Girl shouldn’t step over her Guy’s (Husband) EGO..& Man should never hurt EMOTIONS of his Girl (Wife)” Continue reading

~ Side Effects of Love!

Listen this beautiful Indo-Western fusion music, a nice fusion of Indian Classical Ragas/folks and Western style music, from Bollywood movie Pyar Ke Side Effects (2006) means  Side Effects of Love . Also, see some of funny side effects of love below 🙂

Love has side effects & things becomes more complicated if an Ordinary, Unemployed,  ‘Unsuccessful Struggler’ Guy & Rich, Hot, ‘Successful Struggler’ Girl loves each other!!

This is a romantic comedy story of an average unemployed  Mumbai Guy Mr. Sid, who also scares to marriage/commitment and a rich successful Delhi girl Ms. Trisha .


Actor Rahul Bose in Pyar Ke side Effects (2006)

Here are some of Side effects of Love ( also showed in movie):

  • You start doing stupid & dumb things 😛

  • Even if you are terrible dancer, you’ve to dance just to please her! 😀

  • You become possessive / obsessed (strange feeling which you’ve never experienced before)

  • You become more useless / loose focus from goals 😐

  • You don’t feel to stay long in college/office anymore

  • Now you don’t have much time for your best friends/family, still you don’t’ feel guilty!

  • You become more shameless 🙂

  • Love disturbs your routine (bachelor) life

  • Mind is always in some deep thinking phase

  • You go away from day-to-day reality

  • Starts lying even to dear ones , which you’ve never done before! 😐

  • You are in your own world, away from whats happening around

  • You are a changed person (turns good or bad)

  • You’ve to convince your/her parents & give critical answers to all  complicated queries! 😐

  • Emotional outbursts becomes routine 😦

  • You start Smiling and Talking to yourself in public or even when alone 😀

  • You no longer fantasize your favourite movie stars

  • Head is always occupied by ‘hatke’/ different / unnecessary thoughts

  • You realize someone else is more important for you than yourself! 🙂


Its Complicated – Ordinary guy Mr. Sid & Rich successful Ms.Trisha . Photo:glamsham.com

About Song/Movie:

Song – Jaane Kya Chahe Man (Don’t know what heart wants)
Album/ Movie :  Pyar Ke Side Effects (2006)
Movie theme: Romntic Comedy
Music: Pritam
Singer Zubeen Garg
Actors: Rahul Bose , Mallika Sherawat
Song Label : T-Series
Producer: Pritish Nandy

Image credits: “glamsham.com/download/wallpaper/4536/pyaar-ke-sideeffects-wallpapers/8830.htm” and still from clip

Sources: Google search, Glamsham, T-series, Pritish Nandi, Wikipedia, Facebook and all other links mentioned in the post.