~ Russian TV reaches 4 billion views on YouTube, 3 times more than Euronews and 7 times than BBC !!

Congratulation RT TV!

Clear indication that World is now fad up with biased Western Propoganda and their Hegemony….So people are craving for Alternative, other side of the coin to get clear picture of  World affairs. So, shifting to media like Russian TV for cross check!

RT is now World’s leading news network on YouTube with 4 billion (400 crores) hits! wow!

READ: RT hits record 4 billion views on YouTube

Indians should learn from RT and establish few Global News Networks showing Indian Drishti (perspective/ gazing) on world affairs.


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Why India will be next Media Capital of the World:

  • India has largest English speaking population (over 350 millions or 35 crores)

  • India has 99000+ publications

  • India has 13761+ registered News Papers

  • 404 TV News Channels that runs 24X7

  • But, still don’t have a Global News Network (which is big opportunity for Indians!)

World Statistics shared by Mr Arnab Goswami (below clip) shows,

91% Indians follows cross-border news, making them most interested about world.

With 44-45 % the least interested are Americans and British, but they try to control (74 % of source of Global News coming from them ) most of World  Affairs News with their biased Propaganda!! Oppss…

Indian fire brand journalist Mr. Arnab Goswami Summarizes this as “Indians are least insular i.e open Minded people. Americans are most insular people but they have complete dominance over Global Narrative in terms of news”.

MUST WATCH: Arnab Goswami tearing Western Media at RT conference 2015 ‘Hegemony of Western media has to end’

Full debate: “Role of International news media on new geopolitical chessboard (#RT10 Panel Discussion) – 2015” with Arnab Goswami representing Indian News Media.

It’s a huge opportunity for Indians to show world our Drishti (gazing) on India and world affairs.

Statistics of World News Readers and India’s stand in world Media consumption:

World News statistics in 2015-16, Asia is only growing!

satistics-daily-news-paper-circulation-by-regionTop 10 countries with highest News paper circulation, India is 4th with 2.9 million circulations daily (year 2006)

top-10-countries-with-highest-news-paper-circulation-2006top-10-countries-with-highest-newspapers-circulationOnce again congrats to RT team!


Image credit: RT and other mentioned in the picture

Sources: RT network, wpt database, youtube, wikipedia and all link sin the post


~ Hindu History of Ancient Russia and Europe (Greece/Italy)

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~ Ghost Cities/Towns in Globalization!

Ghost Town or city is a term mentioned for cities where there is no human activity due to various reasons e.g shift of human due to failed economic activity, natural disaster or government actions/laws, etc. I am more interested to see how Globalization created Ghost cities!  Oooops ….Paradox??

We believe Economic development is like a new age tool for human prosperity.But, fast changing world in Globalization also has other dark side like – Creation of Ghost Cities/Town!

There are various reasons for forming such Ghost cities:

  • To keep investing in city infrastructure for economic reason or just to stay competitive in the world,
  • Wrong calculation of demand and supply,
  • Closing of business due to Recession,
  • Population shift to other location in search of better life/employment,
  • Lack of infrastructure or quality life in the region, etc.

Whatever may be the reason, but we must stop investing billions of dollars worldwide in creating such Ghost towns and plan properly to create new livable cities/towns.

In future new policies should take lessons from these examples. Lets hope these ghost cities will be full of life soon!

1. Navi Mumbai  -India: In order to reduce burden on Mumbai, government and private builders built Navi Mumbai town just outskirts of Mumbai. Tough the infrastructure at Navi Mumbai was good, but due to lack of proper connectivity to Mumbai’s mainland and also high cost, many apartments were vacant for long. There are many such “Property Bubble” areas around Mumbai  which created “ghost” areas within the city. Hope things are fine now and it might have occupied.

See these reports (YouTube clips) on Ghost Cities in China, US , Ireland, Spain and Russia.

2. China’s Ghost Cities:

More ghost cities in china see news : Link 3 Link 4 Link 5  Link 6

3. US Ghost cities / towns

More details about US ghost cities : Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6

4. Ireland’s ghost cities:

5.Spain’s ghost Cities

Spain ghost ciy:  Link 2 Link 3

6.Russia’s Ghost Cities

Link 2

Sources: Youtube, wikipedia and google search