~ Indian Stand-up Comedians on Bollywood :)

Hilarious 🙂

Indian Stand-up comedian’s group East Indian Comedy (EIC) takes on Bollywood movies and Actors….watch clip collection.

EIC vs Bollywood: Introduction

EIC vs Bollywood: Worst Song

EIC vs Bollywood: Stars Vs. Paparazzi

Solo performance: Atul Khatri

Solo performance: Saurabh Pant

Action in Hollywood vs Bollywood

Star Kids That Should Not Have Kids.

Solo performance: Sahil Shah

Priyanka Chopra Vs Parineeti Chopra

Bollywood vs Science

Solo performance:  Span Varma

Kapil Sharma vs Kapil Sharma

Bollywood vs Plagiarism


Image Credit: EIC clip

Sources: EIC, youtube, google search and all link sin the post.


~ Typical Western Party Song Exposed :)

Bollywood & Hollywood Actor Irfan Khan (Jurassic World, Life of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire fame) when asked to act in Party song, he exposed it in hillarious way! Watch here (with photo gallary)  😀

Honey Singh, Shahrukh & Salman Khan will be jobless now! 😛 😀 🙂

Watch making of this song – guys having fun shooting this with Mr Irfan

In Pictures- Steps to make a Party Song:

Image Credit- Screen shot from clip Souces: AIB youtube  Channel, google search, and all links in the post.