Important Checklist before Committing to Interfaith Relationship

MUST READ book on Interfaith Marriage/Relationship/Dating. 12 years of research covering 1200+ interfaith couples, share this book with Parents and youngsters. Watch clips below.

Learn why there is 50 % or Higher Divorce rate among Interfaith Marriages in USA??

American-Indian Author Dr. Dilip Amin, PhD has done extensive 12 years experience in consulting over 1200 Interfaith Couples in USA.

He shared his valuable experience in his Interfaith Marriages book “Interfaith Marriage – Share & Respect with Equality”, (Mount Meru Publication,2017).

In West, people fall in (so called) LOVE … then LIVE-IN… then MARRY … still why there are HIGHER Divorce rates??  Strange isn’t it ??

In India, most of marriages are Arranged (Parents introduced then chose by couple) still there are LOWEST divorce rates (less than 1%) in the world compare to USA (over 50 % ) and Europe (over 60 %)!! How?

Self-Check its LOVE or LUST? Attraction? Infatuation? Admiration? Just Emotional or Physical or Financial Need? Lonely? Dependent?

Introspect deeply before going too far from where you won’t return without disaster!!

Interfaith Marriages in USA: Valuable Discussion with Researcher Dr. Dilip Amin

Book Introduction by Author: Book: Interfaith Marriage – Share & Respect with Equality (2017)

Book Cover:

"Interfaith-Marraige-Relationship-Dating-India-USA-Hinduism-Hindu""Interfaith-Marraige-Relationship-Dating-India-USA-Hinduism-Hindu""Interfaith-Marraige-Relationship-Dating-India-USA-Hinduism-Hindu"About Book:

"Interfaith-Marraige-Relationship-Dating-India-USA-Hinduism-Hindu"About Author:

"Interfaith-Marraige-Relationship-Dating-India-USA-Hinduism-Hindu"Book website and Interfaith Relationship cases, reader’s discussions:

"Interfaith-Marraige-Relationship-Dating-India-USA-Hinduism-Hindu"10 min short ppt on Doand Don’t of Interfaith Marriages/Relationships- HERE

Selected slides from discussion:

"Interfaith-Marraige-Relationship-Dating-India-USA-Hinduism-Hindu"Join author and Book Discussion at:




In Hinduism Lord Shiva-Shakti represents : Unconditional Love between Man & Woman, Zero-Ego, Mutual Respect, Belonging, Shared Responsibility and Equality

|| OM Namah Shivay ||

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~ Science Behind Yajna / Yagna ( Fire Ritual)

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~ Big Fat Indian Wedding Celebration : Bridal Makeover

Band Baajaa Barat (means “Band-Music-Marriage procession”. More on Marriage procession i.e. “Barat” here ) is a great TV series on NDTV Good times channel showcasing colourful and beautiful culture of Indian wedding celebrations. Band Baajaa Barat (BBB) show is helping many brides to celebrate a Fairytale or Grand Bollywood style wedding and making the occasion memorable for lifetime.

BBB show organiser ask would-be bride to send their entry with biodata, wedding date, cultural background and why she wish BBB Team to organise her bridal make-up ,etc. In short, you should convince the TV team why they should choose you! After selecting interesting candidates, according to wedding dates, the BBB team will makeover each selected bride as per her tradition/culture/wish for her wedding for FREE and even shower with lots of Wedding Gifts ( like Gold jewellery, RADO watch, Wedding saris and accessories,etc)! BBB Team consists of all eminent personalities from relevant professions. Main attraction for Bride is famous Indian fashion designer, Mr. Sabhyasachi Mukharjee (visit his Facebook page). Girls are excited to wear branded and classy cloths like Satyabachi special wedding Sari/Saree  and Lehanga type Sari /Saree  (Special Indian wedding outfits).

Team also has other prominent wedding experts such as make-up, jewellery expert, dentist, hair and skin experts, etc. Interestingly, this celebration will give viewer  an idea about grand Hindu/Indian wedding  preparations, culture, customs and bridal makeover. You will understand culture of different communities and states in India which is slightly different from others (although all follow Hindu wedding  which is generally based on Vedic wedding customs) in terms of style of cloths, jewellery style, accessories and make-up. Watch following selected episodes which are picked up from EAST, WEST, NORTH and SOUTH (regions of India) style Indian bridal makeovers to understand each wedding style, make-up and culture.

More details about BBB show:


BBB New Season Promo featuring Bollywood Diva Vidya Balan  & Designer Sabhyasachi

Bride: Aditi Bhasin  Episode (North Indian Style Wedding)

Bride: Aditi Chkravarthy Episode ( East Indian/ Bengali Style Wedding)

Bride: Ramya Krishnan  Episode (South Indian Style Wedding)

Bride: Trupti Shinde  Episode ( West Indian / Maharastrian Style Wedding)

(With special Guest Mr. Imtiaz Ali ,one of Bollywood’s successful directors)

International Bride: Russian Girl Elena  Episode

Watch this full episode :  here

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~ Why Divorce Rate is Low In INDIA!!

There are some things where you wish your country should be at bottom of the list, divorce is one of them! Glad to see  India is still among the lowest Divorce rate countries in the world  and now see Top 10 countries with highest Divorce Rates in 2012.


One of the reasons about low divorce rates in India is probably  culture (Hinduism) which teaches : “Marriage is a lifetime union of not only two souls but also of two different families/generations…..Both families (Bride’s and Groom’s side) and their blessings/attention/opinion/guidance matters in a successful marriage”.

Also, Hindus traditionally follows some basic rules like:

  • One Life One Wife (Inspired from Lord Rama’s life story)

  • Karma /Dharma towards family & society

  • Family which lives/eats together stays together

  •  Consider Gross income of family rather than focusing on individual’s income (this avoids conflicts between couples or other close family members)

  • Family first, self interest later

  • Maintaining harmony

  • Taking parent’s/elder’s (both side) opinion in major family decisions

  • Saving money or investing together for future crisis (Land/ House/ Gold/ Silver/ Diamonds)

  • Responsibility or upbringing of Kids together (they need love from both)

  • Avoid being Spendthrift/Careless (not just about money but also other natural resources)

  • Staying away from Alcohol/Smoke/Bad habits as it spoils married life/family

  • Parental (both sides) guidance/moral support/counselling  if there are frequents fights between husband-wife

See these core Ideals of Hindu/Indian marriage ,which are probably help in making marriage bond  stronger in Indian system.

Hindu culture teaches Adjustment/ Sacrifices for sake of family/ /Tolerance /Patience / Respect / Karma philosophy / Dharma principles/  how to dilute yourself in crowd / Loyalty / Duties towards kids, parents, relatives/  Commitment/ Sense of Belonging / Responsibility of family members/ Hierarchy in family/ Understanding others point of view even though you disagree.

Psyche  arise from these teachings is probably helping men-women to stick to one marriage even though there some differences in opinion among husband-wife (which generally happens over the period).

Hindus outside India also follows same pattern:

Not only in India but Hindus settle or married to others have low divorce rates! US Hindus have lowest divorce rates compare to US national rate. Report further says, 79% of Hindus are married and US average is 54%. Hindus have lowest divorce rate of 5% (lowest among any community in US) compare to US national average of 12%! Another survey gathers facts, see report: Hindus have highest educational level and lowest divorce rate in US


Tough in last few years divorce rate has increased in India but still it is not very high compare to other countries in the world. Let’s find some interesting statistics and figures about world divorce rates.

See more information about World Divorce rate Statistics.  Facts about Marriage and Divorce Statistics in European countries . Ireland and Italy are probably only countries with lowest divorce rates in Europe.

Other analysis on the topic by a foreigner about Indian marriage system in this video and see discussion/comments there at that link.

More detail analysis about Indian marriage system will be discussed in next post.

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