Yoga is an ancient Hindu breathing and body excersise. There are differnt types of yoga. Also, many yoga teachers and experts have developed their own techniques of yoga stpes. Research also shows that yoga is a good remedy to diseases such as body pain, cancer, skin diseases, astama, back pain, blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, stress, etc. Yoga and mantra chanting is aslo used for meditation and mental peace. This blog will provide all possible information about yoga in India and abroad.

Click on following posts about yoga.

  1. Significance of Meditation
  2. Fundamentals of Yoga
  3. Meditation: Then and Now!
  4. Answers to Some of Interesting Questions in Life from a Yogi/Thinker/Guru
  6. Yoga for Particular Diseases/Pain
  7. What is Negativity and How To Get Rid of it…

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