~ This is pure LOVE…

Sensual…Emotional…Mature… Pure …Voiceless LOVE…

Lady’s dilemma : LOVE or Responsibility

Man’s dilemma: LOVE but no condition

Watch Bezubaan (Voiceless) love song from PIKU (2015)

  • Title – Bezubaan (voiceless)

  • Singer – Anupam Roy

  • Lyricist – Manoj Yadav & Anupam Roy

  • Actors: Deepika Padukone, Irrfan Khan & Amitabh Bachchan,

Hindi Lyrics and English Translation of Song

Movie Theme: Piku, a responsible caring daughter, don’t wish to get marry so as to look after her old aging father….Guy (Irfan) and Piku get along well during their road trip to take her aging father to Kolkata from New Delhi. They started loving each other (unexpressed). Also, he finds it difficult to propose her on weired condition (after marriage her father will live with them). Song captures moments when both wish to say something but couldn’t express each other.

A Rom-Com film…for all those who loves good acting, sensual, emotional,mature, non-pervert , light comedy type Love dramas. Wachable with family on holidays! 🙂

 Pinku (2015) Trailer (with English subs)

Beezubaan (voiceless) LOVE:

1 2 2a 3 4 4a 5 6 7Image Credit: Zee Music and Piku

Sources: Piku, Zee Music, Youtube, all links in the post.


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