~ Most awaited movie from India – Baahubali 2 Trailer

After huge success worldwide and ending first part on high note “Why Katappa killed Baahubali?”  (movie characters)…”Bahubali 2″ Trailer is out..movie will release on 28 April 2017…No surprize..Trailer got 8 million+ hits within 12 hours! 😀

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~ Welcome to “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” !! :)

A beautiful touching British Comedy-Drama film with some catchy lines & life lessons. 7 old British tourists (strangers) decides to spend holidays in India after reading advertisement about an old exotic Villa cum Heritage Hotel/Palace (called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)  from its owner (Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire fame). Apart from being tourist each one has different reasons to visit India .

See how beautifully story unfolds, how each characters gets involve in each other for a common cause….how new love stories flourishes…

In India, Life itself is about what you bring to it…

..If I can’t pronounce name of food , I don’t eat it !!…

In India, we have a say, everything will be alright in the end..So, if it is not alright, it is not yet the end 🙂

Definitely a good watch till END with “Family + Popcorn + lazing on the couch”   😀

Remember, keep your mind OPEN to know new things/lessons in life,  accepting different cultures, customs, emotions, and lifestyles around the world…..

Watch trailer ” The BEst Exotic Merigold Hotel ( Via Clevver Movies)

Read more about movie @ IMDB (got 7.2/10 rating) @ Wikipedia

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A still  from movie:


Judi Dench & Celia Imrie in movie The Best Exotic Merigold Hotel (2011)

Image Credits: “www.in.com/downloads/wallpapers-hollywood-the-best-exotic-marigold-hotel-99005.html”

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~ Entertainment for Kids : Movies / Rhymes / Tales / Stories / Yoga / Animation / Good Habits / Education

Kids YouTube Play lists/ Channels:

Please find Indian animated movies, stories, tales , rhymes, etc for kids in English & other Indian regional laguages. Click on title to watch video. Visit this place for updated information in future.

 1. Rajshri Kids PlayLists: For company information visit here

2. Shemaroo PlayLists/Channel: For company Information visit here

3. Yoga for Kids :

4. Rhymes4Kids Channel:

5. Ultra Kids playlists : Visit company website here

6. Indian Regional Laguages Stories




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~ Recommended Top/Famous Hindi Movies ( Bollywood) with English subtitles

1. “3 IDIOTS” (2009)

Brief: An “IDIOT” is a person who thinks differently but the world could not understand his point of view (e.g Albert Einstein). It is an internationally recognized movie of 3 intelligent friends studying in an engineering institute. It’s a story of friendship, love and romance. A comedy movie…total entertainer!!

Theme of movie: “Follow excellence, success will follow you”

Actors: Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, Madhavan and Kareena Kapoor.

Note: You can change your preferred language subtitles at bottom of video “CC->Translate caption Beta”

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2. Lagaan : Once upon a time in India (2001)

Brief:“Lagaan” means tax in Hindi.An Oscar nominated film in foreign language category. Once upon a time during draught situation, villagers oppose to pay tax to British rulers. To save tax poor illiterate villagers accepts the challenge from British rulers to play a game of Cricket with them. The condition was; if villagers will win there will be no tax for some years and if villagers will lose match they will have to pay more tax. A good movie with meaningful songs and music by A R Rahman (Oscar winner for Jai ho – Slumdog Milliner)

Actors; Aamir Khan , Grasy Singh and many british and indian actors.

Note: Kindly change your preferred language subtitles at bottom of video “CC->Translate caption Beta”

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 3. Ghajini (2008)

Brief: Action packed romantic story of a guy who is suffering from “short term memory loss” due to and accident (He can remember things only for 20 minutes). But he is on mission to take revenge of his lover’s killer named Gahjini. A romantic, touching and full of action.

Actors: Aamir Khan And Asin

Note: Kindly change your preferred language subtitles at bottom of video “CC->Translate caption Beta”

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4. Kahaani (2011)

Brief: Story of a pregnant woman who come to Kolkata to search her missing husband. It is a suspense thriller. A must watch till end!

Actor: Vidya Balan

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5. English Vinglish (2012)

Brief: Story of a housewife who struggles with English. Her family feels ashamed of her lack of English communication skills in their society. She took a challenge to go to US and learn English. A simple, family drama.

Actor: Shridevi and others

Movie theme: Self awakening of a housewife!

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Trailer (English Subtitles)

6. Jab We Met (2007)

Brief: Romantic comedy. A girl wants to run away from home to marry her boy-friend. But, guy ditches her. Another guy helps her in all her venture and try to patch up by taking both lovers at girl’s home. There happens a twist and confusion. It is a romantic, touching and simple love story.

Actors: Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor

Part-1 – Blue ray/HD (find all parts at same link)

7. Dil chahata hai (2003):

Brief: A romantic comedy. It is a story of 3 good friends with twists in their personal life. Story of friendship, bonding,  love and emotions.

Actors: Aamir Khan, Akshay Khanna, Saif Ali Khan and Priety Zinta.

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8. Kal Ho na ho (2003)

Brief: Romantic and musical love stories. Two guys and one confused girl.

Actors: Shahrukh Khan , Sif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta

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 9. Hum Aapke Hai Kon (1994)

Brief: If you want to know about Indian (Hindu) weeding rituals, customs and family culture. This movie is must watch for you! It is a musical, romantic, emotional simple story of two families. This is one of the all-time blockbuster movies in the history of Indian cinema.

Actors: Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit

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 10. Dil wale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Brief: A love story of Raj and Simran. If you wish to know about indian family values and customs this movie won’t disappoint you.One of the most admired Indian movie by foreigners!

Actors: Shahrukh Khan and Kajol

Full movie is not available. Only some clips and songs are available and not full film. You can buy DVD at any shop.

A clip from movie (English) subtitles : One  Two  Three  Four  Five

11. Hum Tum

Brief: A love story of a jerk and very focused girl. They meet during their way to New York via Europe. A romantic comedy.

Actors: Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukharjee.

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 12.Jhankaar Beats (2003)

Brief: Kind of sex comedy!

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13. Dostana

Brief: A story of two guys who hooked up on a same girl but she thought they are gay couple!! A sort of adult comedy!

Actors: John Ibraham, Abhishek Bachhan and Priyanta Chopra.

Note: Kindly change your preferred language subtitles at bottom of video “CC->Translate caption Beta”

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 14. Band Baja Baraat (2010)

Brief: A simple love story of Bittu and Shruti who starts a company which arranges weeding (event management).

Actors: Ranvir Sing and Anushka Sharma.

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15. Gangster (2006)

Brief: As name suggests, it is an action packed triangle love story of a gangster with some twists.

Actors: Imran Hashmi, Shaini Ahuja and Kangana Ranawat.


16. Yuva (2004) 

Brief: Yuva means Youth in hindi. It is believed that this movie has motivated indian youth to enter into politics which was not supposed to be for educated/high skilled generation! It is a story of college youth leader “Michel” from Kolkata and his friends who fights against injustice o politicians and later form their own political party. Also there is a love story of a person who is not serious about his life and has no particular aim in life. Later dramatically he got involved with Mr. Michel and his team and together they form political party.

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Actors: Ajay Devgan, Vivvek Oberoi, Abhishek Bachhan, Rani Mukharjee and Isha Deol.

Music: A R Rahman (“Jai Ho” fame)

17. SADMA (1983)

Brief: Sadma means shock in hindi. It is a very different movie from main stream indian cinema. Two best actors of Indian cinema Mr.Kamala Hassan and Ms. Shridevi made script more meaningful!. It a story of a beautiful but  mentally retired girl and a gentleman who saves her from society. He becomes her mentor, teacher, friend, father and try to teach her life lessons. The story reaches to the climax when the girl recovers and becomes normal. Don’t miss end…

IMDB information: 

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18. Munnabhai MBBS (2003)

Brief: A comedy movie. IT is a story of a local Mumbai goon call :Munna”Bhai (bhai means brother). Due to some dramatic circumstances he wanted to become doctor as soon as possible. He manages to take admission to a top medical college and starts his doctor studies. It is a situational comedy movie with intelligent jokes.   A must watch.

Actors: Sanjay Dutt, Arshad warsi and Gracy Singh.

IMDB info: 

Full Movie Link:  Check this – 1   Check this -2

19. Lage Raho Munnabhai (2007)

Brief: This is sequel of famous munnabhai MBBS movie. Here Munna, a goon from mumbai,  learns Ghandhi philosophy to impress his lover. But later he mesmerised with Gandhi principle and start talking to him. He claims only he can see Gandhi. The story has social message and an intelligent comedy sequence. A good script…a must watch.

Actor: Sanjay Dutt, Arshad warsi and Vidya Balan

IMDB info : 

Full movie link

Gandhi Principle way (Gandhi-giri) , Also check

20. Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006)

Brief: A nice movie and family drama ( retire husband-wife and tree kids) highlighting property goons at Delhi area who acquired family’s property illegally. How family teaches that goon lesson and also acquired their property back smartly with all drama, comedy, showing “street-smart” way, and risks.A very different movie with good script, nice acting by all members. A different entertaining movie and  not typical Indian “song-dance” stuffs!

Also see : IMDB info

Check Search :  link 1 , Link 2

21. Phas Gaye Rey (2010)

Brief: A comedy movie/drama regarding recession effect on goons and their activities in state of Bihar/UP. Story of kidnapping of a local but US return businessman (they believe US return means rich guys) and how kidnapped guy smartly rescue himself and also manage to fund his bankrupt US company by fooling the goons! A good script and funny situations all over movie. A different entertaining movie and  not typical Indian “song-dance” stuffs! See IMDB Info

Watch these Search: Link 1 , Link 2

22. Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara (2011)

Brief: Story of 3 old friends on bachelor trip to Europe (Spain and around) and their 3 adventures activities (sky diving, Scooba diving and bullfight). How this trip changes purpose of their life , priorities in life , get back strong friendship binding , and a new fresh attitude towards life (got what they seek). Witness beautiful Spanish Landscape , music , dance culture, La Tomatina festival Spanish Bull Running Event, etc. Movie offers  bollywood heart-throbs “Hrithik & Katrina” love story, good acting, funny dialogue & situations,  and all what you expect from new Bollywood movie!. No surprise , after this movie Indian tourist flow increases in Spain and local Spain tourism department is happy to get more revenues in already shrinking tourism activities due to recession. See IMDB info

See search Link 1 , Link 2 Link 3

23.Dombivli Fast (Marathi Movie) with English Subtitles

Brief: “Dombivli” is an area in Mumbai and “fast” is about mumbai fast loca train. The story of a simple honest and responsible citizen living in Dombivli area with his family. It is a journey of his life how he challenges the messed up system in mumbai. A nice script and good direction. A story close to reality of a middle class mumbai family.

Part: 1/12      Part: 2/12

24.Shwaas (Marathi Movie) with English Subtitles

Brief: Shwaas means “Breath”. An award winning movie and India’s Oscar nomination in foreign film category. A story of a little boy who is suffering from eye cancer and about to go blind. His grandfather shows him the world last time and prepare him for future blindness. A heart touching story of a young boy and his grandfather.

Part: 1/11

25. Water (2005) 

IMDB info

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26. Monsoon Wedding (2001)

IMDB info

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~ Watch Indian movies submitted to Academy awards (Best Foreign Film Category)

Year       Language             Title (Click on movie title to watch Trailer/Clip at respective hosting site)                                                                     

2012        Hindi                         Barfi

2011        Malalayam             Abu, Son of Adam (Adaminte Makan Abu)

2010       Hindi                        Peepli Live

2009       Marathi                   Harishchandrachi Factory

2008       Hindi                       Stars on the Earth (Taare Zameen Par)

2007       Hindi                      Eklavya-The Royal Guard

2006       Hindi                       Rand De Basanti

2005       Hindi                      Paheli (Riddle)

2004       Marathi                 Swaas [The Breath]

2002       Hindi                      Devdas

2001       Hindi                      Lagaan

2000      Tamil/Hindi        Hey Ram

Source: Wikipedia, Google search