~ Pani-Puri Recipe: How to Make Crispy ‘Puri’

Simple Pani Puri dish (also called Gol Gappa) but difficult to make crispy Puri (hollow spherical shaped fried bread ), that’s the biggest challenge with this dish! See collection of 3 Secret Recipes to make “Puri for mouth-watering Pani-Puri dish at Home! 😀

Many Indians buy ready-made Puris from shop and make Pani-Puri dish at home. But, such Puris may or may not be fresh. So, they generally prefer to make Puris at home. Find 3 different recipes below along with some important points to note. BTW, making Pani (Water with herbal ingredients and typical spices) is simple now after availability of many ready-made “Pani-Puri Masala” (Spice) in the market.


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Important things to note:

  • Oil temperature should be proper (low and not  medium or high ) for frying puris
  • Puri should be properly closed at appropriate time using wet towel (except recipe showed in 1st video)
  • Remember proper Sequencing of ingredients/when to add oil , etc for making Puri Dough
  • Even if your Puri remain soft after frying, try to use oven (200 degree F/93 C for 20 min as mentioned in first recipe)
  • Ingredients of Puri Dough making is slightly different in each recipes, try which is best suitable

Try which recipe is better and share your experience with us here.

1. Puri using Baking powder (Via ShowMeTheCurry)

2. Puri using Suji/Semolina and Maida (Via : Manjula aunty)

3. Puri using Soda Drink (Via Bhavana’s Kitchen)

Sources: Youtube, Manjula aunty’s play list, Bhavana’s Kitchen playlist, Show Me The Curry playlist, Wikipedia , Google search, and other hyperlinks mentioned in the post.


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